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Traitor’s Revenge

I received a copy of this from the publisher

By: Andrew Hammond

CRYPT bk 2

Strange things are happening but when you are a CRYPT agent that’s not so unusual, in fact it’s what keeps you employed. Senior agent Jud gets pulled away from movie night to go and investigate something odd is happening in the tunnels underneath the Houses of Parliament. What he doesn’t expect is to get arrested for the ghost’s actions. It soon becomes clear that someone is determined to cover up what is really going on, but why and who has that kind of power?

London isn’t the only place the ghosts are stirring and Bex is sent to York to check out a couple of strange sightings. There Bex experiences a sensing event like she never has before, something whispered about by agents called hypersensing. Other agents are soon bought into the case in London while Jud is sent to York to assist Bex. THings in both locations heat up and it seems certain that an event a long time in the planning is finally coming to fruition. Can the CRYPT agents figure out what is causing such a disturbance before many more lives are lost.

This is the second of the CRYPT series and it is just as gruesome and engaging as the first. Jud still struggles with the issues from his past, some of which are ripped to the surface in this book. He also still struggles to control his anger but he continues to be a top agent because of his ability to sense and figure out what is really going on, and he instinct to act. I like that he is a flawed hero, prone to stuffing up, it makes him more real.

Bex is a tough character in her own right, she is resilient, smart and willing to step up when she needs to.

The ghost story at the heart  of this plot is an historical event many should at least be vaguely familiar with, though perhaps not the story behind it. I like the way Hammond has blended the modern with a good old fashioned ghost story. I also like the historical detail in this case. The resolution is something the team has to work to, they have to research and fit it all together like a proper investigation it doesn’t just all fall in their laps and there are costs to the agents along the way. The result of this is an entertaining if gruesome story that doesn’t insult it’s readers by thinking they need the characters to be immune to all the stuff they deal with.  I think this is a solid series and well worth a look if you like things on the scary side. It’s better than you might think just by looking at it.

Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

Published: 01 March 2012

Format: Paperback 352 pages

Categories: Adventure, Action, Horror, Ghost

ISBN 13: 9780755378227

Purchase: here or use link on side of page to Booktopia

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