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Sometimes life takes us on unexpected detours where the best thing to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. One of those little detours bought me here – to the world of children’s books. 2009 saw me land what many who know me best would consider my dream job. To say I was pleased to have finally landed a job in a book store would be a slight (read massive) understatement. It would be fair to say I love books, passionately devouring them for as long as I can remember.

Probably one of my earliest memories is of taking a Famous Five book to school when I was 8. However when I was young there were picture books and junior fiction then just general fiction or genre fiction, it could be there were more sections I never knew about because for the most part I grew up in very small country towns.

Let’s fast forward through my reading years which goes from Enid Blyton to Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, a bit of romance, Agatha Christie and other ‘adult’ authors. Before I started working my dream job I read predominately Fantasy and Crime.

When I started at Borders they asked if I was okay assisting down in the Kid’s department, I figured at the time that was because I was the only person on staff that wasn’t management that had kids (I found out later that the kid’s department scares other staff members). I saw no problem with it, my eldest was reaching reading age and I wanted her to love reading like I do. In this process I discovered a new passion.

I Love Kid’s Books.

With the well publicised demise of the company I work for I found myself faced with the possibility of having to say goodbye to something I really love. Lets face it there isn’t a great deal of opportunity for a Kid’s Book Specialist and so came the idea for this site. It isn’t a new idea but others I have found somehow don’t work the way I want one to. So here I am. Ideas that have flashed around in the ether of my mind I’m now putting into cohesive thoughts – bear with me while I adjust to that.

With this in mind I welcome you to my world…an exciting, thrilling, fun, provoking, mysterious and adventurous world I have come to call TheKylieVerse.

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