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Gap Year in Ghost Town


By: Michael Pryor

Anton Marin has ghost-sight, it runs in his family, even though his father doesn’t have it. It is their job to send the ghosts out of this world. Their’s is a gentler approach to many of the others who pursue the same calling. Into his uncertain world crashes Rani Cross, her method involves a lot more slashing and sword work, needless to say they don’t see eye to eye. This is a moot point however when it becomes clear something is going on causing a massive spike in ghostly manifestations. In order to get the the bottom of things they need to find a way to work together. As things become more violent and crazy Anton needs to somehow find the time in this his gap year, to decide if this is the career he really wants.

In this book it is the girl who is more physical and this makes for a delightful extra dimension in the buddy hunting theme. Anton is a torn character, he knows ghost hunting is a family thing, and if he has the gift he should probably use it, however it is so not really what he wants to do with his life. He also doesn’t want to disappoint his dad. This story is not only intriguing and entertaining, it delves into some real family issues that people feel growing up and that makes Anton easy to identify with, even if his choices are beyond the bounds of what us normal folk experience. Anton and Rani balance each other well and keep the story moving at a good pace. A fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Published: 26th July 2017

Key Words: Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, Family, Intrigue

ISBN: 9781760292768

13 Days of Midnight

I received my copy from the publisher
By: Leo Hunt

Luke Manchette is just like any other teenager from a broken home, he loves his mum and barely knows his dad. Unlike most teenagers his dad is sort of famous and Luke does everything he can to distance himself from the reality tv show host because let’s face it ghost hunting isn’t a cool thing. Then his dad dies and Luke discovers that he has inherited six million dollars but to get it he has to sign some papers he doesn’t understand. Signing something you don’t understand is never a good thing though and Luke finds he has also inherited 8 ghosts who would like nothing better than to be free and for that to happen Luke has to be dead. A pretty serious problem to have and one that throws his life into turmoil. He has 13 days before the ghosts will be at the height of their power and will use every dark magic trick they know to end him.
This story is intriguing. It’s dark overtones a big draw card because quite honestly there is nothing much to like about Luke. How reality and the supernatural interact is well done and makes for a more interesting tale. The addition of Elza is good because she balances Luke out even though she is a little cliched. All in all I enjoyed this book and it’s worth a look if you like ghosts stories and the supernatural.
Suggested age 10+.
Publisher: Orchard Books
Published: 2nd July 2015
Format: Paperback 379 pages
Genre: Supernatural, Adventure

The Haunted Dollhouse

9781597070089By: Stefan Petrucha & Sho Murase

Nancy Drew Girl Detective Graphic Novel series bk 3

It is Nostalgia Week in River Heights and so many people are in the historical mood. People are committed to trying to live as if it was the 1930’s. The fun though is interrupted when a dollhouse that is up for auction, starts depicting strange crimes before they actually happen. Nancy is convinced something other than ghosts is responsible but at many turns she finds herself thwarted. Soon she sees a crime scene that shows her as the victim, the perpetrator didn’t count on Nancy’s friends though and Nancy soon gets to the bottom of the case.

A fun little ghost story. Nancy and her friends work well as a threesome, they always have and they do well at complementing each other in this updated series. The story is mysterious, not too easy to guess and entertaining. I good read for lighter moments or when you don’t have a lot of time. Also graphic novels are a good choice for those who are a little unwilling to pick a book up and read.

Publisher: Papercutz

Published: 29 November 2005

Format: Paperback 96 pages

Categories: Graphic Novels, Mystery, Ghosts

ISBN 13: 9781597070089

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page

The Hunting Ground – Book Trailer

So here is a little teaser of The Hunting Ground.

That isn’t the only horror novel for teens written by McNish, here is a short introduction about Breathe by the author himself.

The Hunting Ground

By: Cliff McNish

Elliot and his brother Ben move into Glebe house with their father who is commissioned to renovate it for sale. The old mansion is more than it seems though, it is home to ghosts and it’s past is full of terrible tragedy. It seems beyond spooky and when they start to read pages of a diary they realise it is more than just ghosts. Real evil inhabits part of the estate called the East Wing. This place holds the darkest secrets in its labyrinthian corridors. It is a building devised by an evil and twisted mind. The old owner, Cullayn, is assisted by Eve, the ghost of a young girl and the boys are drawn into the darkness through trickery and dark manipulation. Will they escape teh horrible fate Cullayn has planned for them. Will they be able to vanquish the evil once and for all? Or will they be trapped for ever like those who came before. them?

A truly creepy story. Tension and darkness are woven through every page, with only the briefest glimpses of light to offer hope. It is everything you want in a ghost story; cruel, creepy, sinister and tense. It is hard to put down and there are times you may even forget to breathe. McNish has woven a darkly compelling and chilling tale. If you likes to be creeped out then you’ll love this. Warning! This book says on the back cover that it isn’t suitable for younger readers, pay attention to this warning. I’d have to say probably 15+ for this.

Publisher: Indigo (imprint of Orion Children’s)

Published: 05 January 2012

Format: Paperback 288 pages

Categories: Horror, Ghost

ISBN 13: 9781780620169

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on side of page


Traitor’s Revenge

I received a copy of this from the publisher

By: Andrew Hammond

CRYPT bk 2

Strange things are happening but when you are a CRYPT agent that’s not so unusual, in fact it’s what keeps you employed. Senior agent Jud gets pulled away from movie night to go and investigate something odd is happening in the tunnels underneath the Houses of Parliament. What he doesn’t expect is to get arrested for the ghost’s actions. It soon becomes clear that someone is determined to cover up what is really going on, but why and who has that kind of power?

London isn’t the only place the ghosts are stirring and Bex is sent to York to check out a couple of strange sightings. There Bex experiences a sensing event like she never has before, something whispered about by agents called hypersensing. Other agents are soon bought into the case in London while Jud is sent to York to assist Bex. THings in both locations heat up and it seems certain that an event a long time in the planning is finally coming to fruition. Can the CRYPT agents figure out what is causing such a disturbance before many more lives are lost.

This is the second of the CRYPT series and it is just as gruesome and engaging as the first. Jud still struggles with the issues from his past, some of which are ripped to the surface in this book. He also still struggles to control his anger but he continues to be a top agent because of his ability to sense and figure out what is really going on, and he instinct to act. I like that he is a flawed hero, prone to stuffing up, it makes him more real.

Bex is a tough character in her own right, she is resilient, smart and willing to step up when she needs to.

The ghost story at the heart  of this plot is an historical event many should at least be vaguely familiar with, though perhaps not the story behind it. I like the way Hammond has blended the modern with a good old fashioned ghost story. I also like the historical detail in this case. The resolution is something the team has to work to, they have to research and fit it all together like a proper investigation it doesn’t just all fall in their laps and there are costs to the agents along the way. The result of this is an entertaining if gruesome story that doesn’t insult it’s readers by thinking they need the characters to be immune to all the stuff they deal with.  I think this is a solid series and well worth a look if you like things on the scary side. It’s better than you might think just by looking at it.

Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

Published: 01 March 2012

Format: Paperback 352 pages

Categories: Adventure, Action, Horror, Ghost

ISBN 13: 9780755378227

Purchase: here or use link on side of page to Booktopia

The Name of the Star – Book Trailer

In case you were wondering what that grey book with the guy on with the top hat on the front cover was all about.

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