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Strange Angels

By: Lili St Crow

Strange Angels bk 1

Dru Andersen is a not so average teen who travels from place to place with her Dad hunting the things that go bump in the night. All manner of monsters come across their path, they destroy them and move on. Then one fateful day her father hasn’t returned from a hunt and the scritching on the back door turns out to be the zombie he has been turned into. 

Dru’s life is turned upside down. Now the monsters are hunting her and it’s only all the training her Dad gave her that is keeping her safe. Then a goth boy named Graves befriends her and things get more complicated. Can Dru remember all she has been taught and get both of them to survive when the werewolves and vampires are coming?

A dark and entrancing world that breathes a little freshness into the genre in that Dru is a hunter. I like that she makes mistakes and learns from them. I like that she struggles and still tries, even while hearing the voices of those who trained her. I also enjoyed the dynamic between Dru and Graves. This is one of the few paranormal YA books that has held my attention (though admittedly there are a lot that I haven’t read). St Crow has created a blended world, one where the monsters fit seemlessly into the world we know, it is both vivid and intriguing.

Publisher: Razorbill

Published: 02 July 2009

Format: Paperback 304 pages

Categories: Fiction Horror & Ghost

ISBN 13: 9781595142511

Purchase: here

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