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By: Lili St Crow

Strange Angels bk 2

Dru is no longer alone as she was the night her father became a zombie she had to kill but the situation she now finds herself in is one that may take her a while to figure out. There is so much for her to adjust to. Her only friend Graves has been bitten by a werewulf and no-one can say how that is going to turn out. Dru is not entirely human thanks to her mother’s blood running through her veins, this makes her a Svetocha, a female djamphir, that makes her something like royalty in this little community and that is something she doesn’t want. Then there is the new school, a secret Schola for djamphirs and wulfen and she is the only girl, which is turning out to be more than a minor pain in the butt.

As if all that wasn’t enough there is the training and learning mixed in with the  certainty that someone at the school is trying to kill her. Finding her place amongst the wulfen and djamphir, when all they have ever been is enemies, is not going to be easy. Then again, Dru’s life never has been that easy.

This is the second in the Strange Angels series and it is full of intrigue and action. Dru’s frustrations are palpable as she and Graves adjust to their new lives. The half truths and infighting create layers and suspense that keeps you engaged in this dark world. I continue to enjoy these characters and the dark world they inhabit and am looking forward to what will be revealed next. 

Publisher: Razorbill

Published: 26 November 2009

Format: Paperback 304 pages

Categories: General Horror & Ghost

ISBN 13: 9781595142528 

Purchase: here

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