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The Iron Witch

By: Karen Mahoney

Donna Underwood doesn’t want to go to the party with her friend Navin, she doesn’t want to socialise with the people who call her freak. It wasn’t her fault that when she was seven a horrific fey attack left her father dead and her mother mad. Donna herself almost died and her injuries were healed by magic, a magic that branded her hands and arms with iron tattoos. Donna doesn’t fit in, she is the daughter of alchemists and schooled by the Order, the thing that means the most to her is Navin. 

Then odd things start to happen and Navin is kidnapped by the vicious wood elves. Donna will do anything to get Navin back even if it means finally getting involved in the war between alchemists and the fey. She isn’t alone though. She finds herself drawn to Xan and when he reveals his knowledge of the wood elves and his biggest secret, she finally feels she has someone to trust. Together they have to get what the Elf Queen wants and free the hostages without actually handing over an item of unbelievable power.

If you love young adult paranormal stories with a fair helping of romance then you will enjoy this book. I liked the concept, loved the idea of the iron tattoos, the rest though, a little sadly, follows the young adult paranormal formula. It isn’t a bad read and the characters have something but there is nothing really here to make it stand out amongst the crowd.

Publisher: Random House Australia

Published: 20 January 2011

Format: Paperback 304 pages

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9781864718270

Purchase: here

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