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By: Julie Campbell

Trixie is frustrated that she is stuck at home for the holidays with only her little brother to keep her company. Then a new family move into the huge manor house just up the road and it looks as though some of Trixie’s wishes will come true. First there is Honey, a girl her own age and then there are the horses, Trixie is desperate to learn to ride. Summer is now looking up. 

Honey though is very timid, scared of almost everything and Trixie is determined to explore the old Frayne Mansion. Trixie’s curiosity has her convincing Honey that they will be doing their neighbourly duty, checking on the house while old Mr Frayne in hospital. This is where they find a young Jim Frayne the 2nd, he has run away from his cruel step-father. If only they can find old Mr Frayne’s will or the hidden money, Jim’s life could be changed forever. But there are too many people around to keep a secret, what will the three new friends do?

Fun, friendship and mystery. A story of trusting, curiosity, stubbornness and filling summer days with something to do. Trixie is, perhaps a little surprisingly, still an enjoyable read even though it is a little dated now. I think it’s the lack of technology that makes it so appealing, it’s of a time when you had to keep yourself from being bored, though it is entirely possible that’s a bit of nostalgia on my part. Trixie was one of my reading phases and as such has a treasured place in my memory and bookshelves. Though if you are looking for a good mystery story for a younger reader you could do much worse than picking one of these up.

Publisher: Random House USA Inc

Published: 06 August 2004

Format: Hardback 263 pages

Categories: Crime

ISBN 13: 9780375824128 

Purchase: here

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