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I received my copy from the publisher.9781406340013By: Rae Earl

Hattie Moore is 13 almost 14. She doesn’t get along with her mum, her step dad is okay but he’s not her real dad, her brother is a pain in her butt and her Gran is always doing totally embarrassing things. As if that wasn’t enough, Hattie has no idea who her real dad is and she is determined to find him this year. That’s not her only goal for the year, she also is desperate to become a Hotness Goddess because she needs to get one up on her mortal enemy, known only as Miss Gorgeous Knickers. The guy at the coffee shop is really hot and Hattie sets her eyes on him. It is a good thing she has friends Weirdo Jen and Dimple to help or this could be a really bad year. With goals like that what could possible go wrong?

This book is pure silliness. Hattie is kind of like the train wreck you can’t turn away from. She is selfish and shallow and those traits don’t really endear her, you hope for her to grow as the story progresses but she really doesn’t. Her friends Dimple and Weirdo Jen have more depth, are far more interesting. Gran is light relief in a book that is all pretty light and the boy next door subplot is incredibly obvious. The mother/daughter relationship is also fairly two dimensional, and as such very unsatisfying, though that may be due to the fact the book is written in diary style, so it is very subjective.

I get girls of this age are interested in relationships but Hattie’s obsession with being ‘hot’ and ‘hot’ boys is only made worse by her lamenting that her life is so tragic because she (at 13) has not ‘snogged a man or felt man-bum’. This could be the story of any popular/ish teenage girl and if that is the sort of thing you like then this is definitely the book for you and I’m sure you will love it.

I think it’s probably suited it to younger YA readers.

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

Published: 07 February 2013

Format: Paperback 272 pages

Categories: Romance, Friendship, Family

ISBN 13: 9781406340013

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

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