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Throne of Fire

By: Rick Riordan

Kane Chronicles bk 2

Another museum is filled with chaos as Sadie and Carter Kane along with two of their trainees attempt to retrieve the Book of Ra. Since their victory at the Red pyramid the Kane’s have been learning and teaching the young magicians who responded to their call. The House of Life magicians still want to kill them. Carter can’t find Zia and now Apophis, the god of chaos is rising.

With five days until the end of the world Sadie and Carter set out on a quest to retrieve the other pieces of the book which is needed to bring back Ra in the hope his rebirth will bring balance and total chaos will be averted. Sounds simple enough but not all gods and goddesses are happy with this plan. The siblings find themselves attacked by baboon and vulture gods, adopted by a griffin, assisted by the very strange Bes – god of the dwarves, as well as being hounded by magicians from the House of Life. As the clock ticks down new enemies emerge, dangerous games and double crosses are bought to light, relationships and will-power are tested and success could hinge on the outcome of a game.

This book is an absolutely cracking read not to mention a crash course in Egyptology. The action is well balanced with chaos and humour. Carter and Sadie are wonderfully crafted characters who are great foils for each other, they epitomise the love/embarrassed/frustrated relationships of siblings. Bes is a delightful character and an entertaining counterpoint to the power hungry, conniving other gods. There is the welcome return of familiar faces and the pleasing addition of some new ones. Riordan has created a story that draws you in and rips you around on a virtual roller-coaster ride.

There is just one problem and that is there is another 12 months until the next installment, fortunately the wait is half that for the next Heroes of Olympus.

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 03 May 2011

Format: Paperback

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9780141335667

Purchase: here

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