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Blood Eagle Tortures

crypt-1By: Andrew Hammond

CRYPT bk 4

Some parts of the coast of England are full of exciting things for divers. Dan Summers is one of those divers, he loves the sport, the thrill of the hunt and right now he he excited for the biggest find of his life. In disturbing what he has found he may have caused greater unrest than he could ever imagine. Dunwich used to be a Viking colony long before it was the modern town that marks the location now. When a body turns up with some of it’s insides on the outside it looks as though someone may have to go to Denmark. Luc and Grace are happy to take that part of the assignment whilst Jud and Bex are in Dunwich. These missions always have an element of danger but none of them could guess at how this mission could change things for them forever.

Jud is in a dark place in this story. His past, which he has so carefully kept hidden is struggling to push to the surface more than it has before and it’s not only Professor Bonati who has noticed. Bex won’t allow Jud to keep her out of what it going on in his mind when it is so obviously starting to affect his work. As if it wasn’t bad enough someone from Jud’s buried past surfaces unexpectedly and looks as though he might try to mess things up for all of CRYPT.

As always the historical aspects of these stories are fascinating. The Vikings were a powerful and gory race and as such their history is custom made for Hammond’s series. The details are gruesome as ever and bound to appeal to those who like the grosser and darker side of things. Hammond creates a detailed setting, full of bleak details that really draw you in, you want to find out what happened, both what stirred the paranormal up but also the darker parts of history that give the story its grounding.

The characters have gone from strength to strength as they have developed throughout the previous three books. It’s been interesting to see their flaws and strengths work in them all to give more detailed and complex relationships. The ending hit me from kind of nowhere and I am really looking forward to see where Hammond takes things.

Publisher: Headline Publishing

Published: 13 Sept 2013

Format: Paperback 336 pages

Categories: Adventure, Crime, Vikings, Horror, Ghost

ISBN 13: 9780755378241

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

How To Train Your Dragon

By Cressida Cowell

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is the son of Stoick the Vast, tribe chieftan, and he is not at all ready to take on the Dragon Initiation Programme, but he has little choice in the matter. Things go from bad to worse when the dragon he ends up with is tiny and toothless and remarkably unwilling to be trained. Hiccup has to figure out how to train his dragon or be exiled from his village. then things go from worse to worse than worse when a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus appears. Can Hiccup figure out how to become a hero and save every viking on Berk?

Hiccup is nothing like a hero. He is, quite simply an underdog. He is notable for his perseverance and very likable, he certainly shows traits you would welcome in a leader, even if they aren’t the obvious ones. Cowell has created a fun world and populated it with familiar stereotypes. This is a fun read. Accompanied with plenty of black and white illustrations and side bits, the story moves at a fair pace and should keep even a reluctant reader engaged. Silly names, silly pictures and silly antics give us an overall silly book that makes for an entertaining read.

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Published: 04 February 2010

Format: Paperback 240 pages

Categories: Fantasy, Dragons, Vikings

ISBN 13: 9780340999073

Purchase: here or use link on side of page to Booktopia

The Last Viking

By: Norman Jorgensen and James Foley

Josh is very brave, there are only a few things that scare him. His granddad tells him great stories but sometimes they are scary. This time when he stays over his granddad tells him all about the vikings. Josh likes the sound of them and decides he wants to be one. He talks to the viking gods and sets out to do the sort of things vikings do. It turns out that Josh makes a pretty good viking, proving this when he stands up to the bullies, with surprising consequences.

This is a wonderful little story that embraces the imagination, individuality and standing up to the  bullies. Josh is a wonderful character. The story is incredibly charming, and the illustrations wonderfully complement the text.

Recommended for any child with an imagination and the courage to dream.

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: 27 June 2011

Format: Hardback 32 pages

Categories: Picture Books, Self-Esteem

ISBN 13: 9781921888106

Purchase: use the link to Booktopia on side of the page

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