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Divide and Conquer

By: Carrie Ryan

Infinity Ring series bk 2

Dak, Sera and Riq find themselves in medieval Paris as thousands of Vikings are preparing to attack. The Parisians are fighting back but won’t be able to hold out forever. The three time travellers need to figure out what they are supposed to change, they think it is one thing, but what happens if they are wrong? Things only become more complicated when Dak disappears and ends up fighting on the side of the Vikings. If he is going to survive then he is going to have to find an ally amongst the enemy Vikings.

The second book in the series is a fun read. Dak, Sera and Riq think they have a better grasp of what is going on. Dak thinks he knows what needs to happen but he hasn’t taken into account that his knowledge of history comes from what has happened. He needs to learn to see things from a wider perspective and his story arc in this book gives him that opportunity. Sera has her own moments of self-discovery – the chance for her to grow a little. She also gets to spend some time with Riq. Finally they begin to work more like a team.

The historical aspects of the story are fascinating. Some events they have chosen are clearly more well known than others but it makes for a no less interesting story (in fact that may even make it more interesting). The action is fast. The decryption gritty and engaging. Each of the main characters is slowly revealing more of themselves.

This is a fun read and I can’t wait to see where they take this series.

Publisher: Scholastic US

Published: 06 November 2012

Format: Hardback 192 pages

Categories: Adventure, History

ISBN 13: 9780545386975

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

Time Thieves

By: Charlie Carter

Book 1 of the Omega Squad series

Omega Squad are an elite team of time travelers, or troopers as they are known. They are sent back to observe and gather information from key points in history for something called Operation Battle Book. Previous missions have run fairly smoothly but now things are starting to get a little strange. Mission Controller Professor Perdu is not as worried as perhaps she should be though, she believes they are just experiencing glitches but the truth is far more sinister. Someone is stealing Time and Energy bundles, and trying to sabotage the operation in the process. This activity is not only illegal it is incredibly dangerous and could affect many. Will Agent 005, Napoleon Smythe, be able to track down the thief in time to save his friend and teammate, Winston?

A totally fun action ride. Napoleon is a great central character a leader in training, and throughout the story he shows great moments of that. His teammates balance him out wonderfully; the impulsive Winston and the tireless Amazon. Their dynamic is interesting to read and I really want to see how it all develops.

The book is fast paced, filled with fun technology and plenty of action. The world that has been created for these characters is an interesting one and like the characters there were some things mentioned outside of the central three that I really would like to see developed in a future book. As an added bonus for those who would prefer their kids to read non-fiction, this series contains snippets of history throughout.

This is the perfect series for fans of Battle Boy or even just someone who loves a bit of action. Possibly best suited for around 9/10 year olds.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

Published: 01 September 2012

Format: Paperback 144 pages

Categories: Action, Adventure

ISBN 13: 9781742610931

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page

Code Crimson

By: Petra James

Arkie Sparkle bk 1

Arkie Sparkle is 11 and the daughter of archeologist/treasure hunter parents. SHe gets home one day only to discover her parents have been kidnapped and in order to get them back she has to find seven treasures in seven days. To do this she is going to need the help of her cousin TJ, a junior genius, and TJ’s dog Cleo. The first treasure she has to find a golden statue of Queen Nefertari. This journey will take her to temple ruins in Egypt and back in time to when the temple was first discovered by archeologists.

Arkie is a young girl with a lot of spunk and her cousin TJ is a great counterpoint, always spouting off random facts. The tension of the situation is well presented and the different locations wonderfully bought to life. If you are looking for something fun, adventurous with a bit of history thrown in for good measure then definitely give these a shot. I think you will find them a fun series. There are also notes, illustrations and graphics to break up the text presentation a little.

Publisher: Pan Australia

Published: 01 July 2012

Format: Paperback 120 pages

Categories: Adventure, History

ISBN 13: 9781742611105

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page


The Emerald Atlas Book Trailer

The Emerald Atlas is reviewed here.

This is the first book in The Books of Beginning series by  John Stephens. This story is a sweeping fantasy that takes you through time and into hidden places. Evil enemies, strange allies, a prophecy and three children just trying to keep their family together.

They have also created very brief trailers on some of the characters if you’re interested:


The Countess

Dr Pym

The Emerald Atlas

By: John Stephens

Books of Beginning Series Bk 1

In the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, Kate, Michael and Emma are taken from their beds and left at an orphanage. Ten years and a string of increasingly miserable orphanages later, the children have learnt to rely on themselves and each other. The memories of their parents have faded though they try desperately to cling to them. Kate has taken it upon herself to keep everyone together and as safe as possible. Michael has retreated into a world of photos, exploration and imagination – largely to do with dwarves. And Emma has grown a thick and stubborn skin unable to unwilling to let anyone get passed it.

They arrive at Cambridge Falls, sure this will be the worst place yet, and quickly realise something strange is going on. While exploring the old house they discover an old leather bound book and in opening it set into motion an ancient magical prophesy. They journey together across time, meet beings they never dreamed existed and find they have to save an entire town. Are they brave enough to confront their fears and fulfill their destinies? Are they strong enough to give of themselves to more than each other?

This is a detailed and sweeping tale of three children just trying to survive and stay together. I was drawn in and drawn along as the story of not only the children but the people of Cambridge Falls unfolded. The characters are well developed and each goes through their own ups and downs and you are happy to stay with them as they do. The supporting characters make the central story possible, giving it depth and heart. This is the start of a journey that is full of action and laced with humour – some of which seems to me very tongue in cheek, but that makes it no less enjoyable. A fantasy world I will willingly return to.


Publisher: Random House Children’s Books

Published: 14 April 2011

Format: Hardback 432 pages

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9780857530189

Purchase: here

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