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The Very Ugly Bug

By: Liz Pichon

Our bug is a very ugly bug. She wonders why she is so different to the other bugs. Why doesn’t she have teeny, tiny eyes so she can hide in the berries, or a shiny green back to hide in the leaves. Instead she has boggly eyes, a wibbly head and a hairy back. Then a big hungry bird comes looking for a yummy snack and bug finds out just how remarkable she is.

This is a cute story about being different and discovering yourself in the strangest of circumstances. Bug searches for her identity in a story that is simply told. This is easily relatable and enjoyable. It is wonderfully and quirkily illustrated.

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Published: 07 June 2004

Format: Hardback 25 pages

Categories: Picture Books, Self Discovery, Identity

ISBN 13: 9781845060169

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of page

The Queen with the Wobbly Bottom

By: Phillip Gwynne

Illustrated By: Bruce Whatley

The Queen is popular with her subjects. She is beautiful and clever but she is worried about her bottom. Mostly she can’t help but think of how it wobbles like a jelly on a plate. The Queen offers a reward for whomever can solve her wobbly problem. As the solutions continue to fail, the amount of the reward increases. In despair the Queen agrees to try the one thing she was convinced wouldn’t work.

A highly amusing story that deals with the idea of self image and self-esteem, and also with the power of words and affirmation. This is a great story with a positive message that speaks volumes just by itself. The illustrations are simple, muted in tone and complement the story beautifully. Two celebrated creators have come together to give us a cheeky tale about the power of praise.

Publisher: Little Hare

Published: 02 April 2012

Format: Hardback 32 pages

Categories: Picture Books, Self Image, Animal Stories

ISBN 13: 9781921714597

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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