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How to Make Small Things with Violet Mackerel

I received this from the publisher


By: Anna Branford

Illustrated By: Sarah Davis

Photos By: Cath Muscat

With holidays upon us craft books can be a great idea. This one in particular is great for fans of Violet Mackerel. It embodies the spirit of Violet that comes from the stories, home made craft from found things. There are a wide variety of things to make to keep or give away as gifts. I love the Violet Mackerel books and am pleased that this craft book so echoes the sentiment in them, that its no all about what you can buy or get. There is plenty of room in these designs for each person to customise them in their own particular way.

If you are looking for something to fill some time have a look at this book, it won’t require you to go out and buy things, so you can get crafty as soon as you want. Found things and recycling are great concepts when it comes to children’s craft.


Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Published: 01 November 2013

Format: Paperback 80 pages

Categories: Activity, Craft

ISBN 13: 9781922179401

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

Violet Mackerel’s Possible Friend

I got my copy from the publisher.

violet-mackerel-s-possible-friendBy: Anna Branford

Illustrated By: Sarah Davis

Violet’s family have moved to a new house. Her mum has told her she thinks their is another little girl who lives next door, Violet wonders if they might be friends. Then she leaves a note in the fence and the other little girl invites her over. Rose has a pink and white bedroom and a wonderful doll’s house. She thinks stuff at Rose’s place is pretty awesome. When she gets invited to Rose’s birthday party she starts to wonder if Rose will really like to have her as a friend.

This is a really great series. Violet Mackerel is one of my favourite characters for this age category. She is down to earth, honest, inquisitive and generous. It is lovely to see a character and a family who don’t have everything going for them but who have to try and who do it together. It is also great to have a character who is taught to value things like friendship and the wonder of a homemade gift over the more expensive store bought fare. It is a good look at if materialism is really what is important. I hope to see Rose join Violet in future stories, for now though I will just enjoy the fact I got to visit with Violet again.

Highly recommended.

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Published: 01 February 2013

Format: Hardback 112 pages

Categories: Friendship

ISBN 13: 9781921977565

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page

Marmaduke Duck and Bernadette Bear

By: Juliette MacIver

Illustrated By: Sarah Davis

On top of Hollyhock Hill Marmaduke Duck has a marmalade shop and animals come from near and far to buy his jams and marmalades. One day Bernadette Bear turns up and declares she is going to open a honey shop right next door. When she does Marmaduke has to close his shop because no-one buys from him any more. As he leaves he finds she has pulled a dirty trick on him. He goes to confront her and a very unexpected thing happens, proving that friendship can sometimes be found in the most unexpected pf places.

A wonderful story of standing up for yourself and allowing yourself to see things from another side. The text is rhyming fun, which is so enjoyable to read out loud. The illustrations are toned perfectly to convey everything from a crowded shop to the sad lonely duck. A fun one to share.

Publisher: Scholastic New Zealand

Published: 01 October 2011

Format: Paperback 32 pages

Categories: Rivalry, Friendship

ISBN 13: 9781775430339

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat

By: Anna Branford

Illustrated: Sarah Davis

Violet Mackerel is the sort of girl who likes to help. She really likes to help small things, it is a new theory she is working on. She wants to help her sister with her science project but her sister doesn’t want her help, she says Violet is too young.

So Violet decides to work on her new theory and help a tiny ladybird she has named Small Gloria. Sometimes though helping isn’t easy. When things don’t work the way she wanted Violet gets help from her sister and learns all about natural habitats. With all this going on she manages to help her sister with her project and help something small.

Violet Mackerel is, quite simply, a charming character. She is wonderfully spirited, thinks of others and is inquisitive. It is always nice to see a character willing to learn, particularly in books for this age, it is behaviour that isn’t necessarily modeled all that often. This story is, well to use the word again, charming. The family dynamic is modern, broken and real, this makes it easier for readers to relate.

I think these books are great and love sharing them with my girls. It is always a pleasure to find a writer or a story I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Published: 01 November 2011

Format: Hardback 112 pages

Categories: Family, Science

ISBN 13: 9781921529191

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

Sounds Spooky

By: Christopher Cheng and Sarah Davis

In an old spooky looking house strange sounds fill the air. The girl upstairs stops her playing listens, the kids downstairs stop and listen. They then go back to what they were doing. There are creaks and crashes, slams and howls. But I’m not scared. Are you?

This is a wonderful picture book about a ghost girl and three kids exploring her house. Look closely and you will see clues as to what happened to the girl. The text is simple and the sort of text that is fun to read – full of silly noises to make. The illustrations are 3D looking, layered and interesting to look at. This would be a fun choice for a halloween book for a younger reader.

Publisher: Random House Australia

Published: 01 November 2011

Format: Hardback 32 pages

Categories: Ghosts

ISBN 13: 9781864718799

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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