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Mysterious Traveller

I received my copy from the publisher.

9781406337075By: Mal Peet & Elspeth Graham

Illustrated By: PJ Lynch

Issa knows the desert better than anyone else. He lives there and makes his money guiding people across it. One day Issa’s life is changed when he comes across a riderless camel and a baby girl. The girl, Mariama stays in Issa’s care and when he begins to go blind she becomes his eyes. Together they continue to guide people through the desert. Will this pair be able to help some strangers on a dangerous journey through the Bitter Mountains? What secret does the young traveller hold and how will it affect Issa and Mariama’s lives?

This is a truly beautiful story. The relationship between the two main characters is precious and glorious. The descriptions in the text are visceral, amazing, and the language simply sweeps you into a place with Issa and Mariama. The illustrations that accompany this story are delicate, beautiful and simply wonderful. An incredible story of family, time, wisdom and kindness, that is well worth sharing.

Highly recommended.

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

Published: 04 April 2013

Format: Hardback 48 pages

Categories: Family, Wisdom

ISBN 13: 9781406337075

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page


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