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The Dead of Night

By: Peter Lerangis

Book 3 Cahills vs Vespers

Atticus, Dan’s best friend has been kidnapped. The Cahill’s weren’t expecting that. Atticus isn’t a Cahill, he is however a guardian and while they aren’t really sure what that means they do know their lives are linked together, so they aren’t about to let Atticus go without a fight. Atticus may be alone and not sure what is going on but he isn’t out of the fight. He is a smart boy with a trick or two up his sleeve. Atticus and Jake become allies with the Cahills and the good guys start to get little victories, they may not seem like much but every little thing counts.

Meanwhile Ian Kabra is pursuing his own thing and the crew at home base may have finally had a breakthrough on the location of the hostages.

The action just keeps going in these books and part of you wonders how long Dan and Amy can keep doing this. The uneasy alliance with Jake (Atticus is far more willing) is a great addition. It gives us a character from the outside whose perspective is a little different. Atticus is fun, his intelligence helps Amy and pushes her whilst his style, as Dan says, makes history more interesting.

The little snippets that exist at the centre of all the action give the story a depth and ground the adventure in reality. I want to know what happens next. I want Dan and Amy to win and then I want to see them have some fun.

Publisher: Scholastic US

Published: 05 April 2012

Format: Hardback 336 pages

Categories: Adventure, Family, Action, History

ISBN 13: 9780545298414

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of page

Vespers Rising

By: Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman and Jude Watson

Gideon Cahill finds a formula while researching a cure for the Black Plague. Damien Vesper once friend, now foe, wants to know what secret his old friend has stumbled upon, if it can give him power he will take it. Gideon must try to save his family and stop Vesper. Then there is his family ring, that holds a terrible secret and must also be kept out of Vesper’s hands.

Madeleine Cahill never knew her father, she grew up hiding behind the personality of Maddy Babbitt. Her mother drilled into her training, survival, a need to stay well away from the Vesper’s and to always remember three rules – 1) Keep the ring safe, 2) Never let anyone abuse the power of the 39 clues, 3) Unite the Cahill’s when the time is right. When her mother dies she has to run from Damien Vesper and tries to find one of her siblings, but Luke isn’t what she was expecting to find. This brings home to Madeleine what the task in front of her entails, Maddie Babbitt becomes Madeleine Cahill and the Madrigals are born.

Grace Cahill is thirteen, her father has abandoned his children, her sister doesn’t want anything to do with their baby brother Fisk. Then one night Grace  translates a morse code message intended for her father. She goes to her sister who tells her that though their parents had been training her for the family business she wants nothing to do with it. Grace finds she can’t let it go so she sets out to deliver the message to General Patton, who is invading Casablanca. Once done she finds she can’t leave it alone as more of the message becomes clear to her. On her first Cahill mission, young Grace enters and leaves a war zone and is successful in more than just that.

Amy and Dan Cahill are trying to settle back into normal life. It’s not as easy as they thought it would be. Then the message comes that the Vespers are making a move against the ring, a ring they knew nothing about, until now. Dan and Amy learn about the power hungry Vespers as they race against time to save that most vital of items. In doing so they go to Switzerland, almost crash to their deaths in a cable car, go skiing and learn more about their grandmother Grace. It becomes clear to them that there is still so much they need to do. They must be ever vigilant.

Four incredible authors have come together to give us four pivotal stories about the Cahill’s and the Vespers. This is a fascinating look into Cahill history and how it ties with the present day. Things are put into context, the past is filled out and things are put into place for a future story line. This is an action packed bridging book that leaves you wanting more.

Publisher: Scholastic US

Published: 07 April 2011

Format: Hardback 256 pages

Categories: Adventure Crime Family Family Issues Siblings

ISBN 13: 9780545290593

Purchase: here

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