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Sea Of Monsters – Movie Trailer

Yay! But…I have to wonder at the changes it looks like they have made. I will wait to judge till I have seen it though. Still Nathan Fillion… that counts for a lot.

Sea of Monsters Movie

So as much as I didn’t like the first movie (okay so it was good for what it was but there were so many differences with the book that really bugged me), I have been looking forward to the second one. Sure in no small part because of the actors in it I love Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion, but I also have hopes that they will do the source material justice.

Without further ado here are some pics from the film just to whet your appetite.






The film is due out in August this year.




This book was sent to me by the publisher.


By: Elizabeth Miles

The Furies series Bk 2

Emily Winters is trying to adapt. It is not so day to hold onto your regular life after having it ripped apart by Furies. They haven’t left Ascension though and Emily discovers their connection to the town is much stronger than she could have imagined. her new friend Drea is just as determined to get at the Furies, though she won’t tell Emily why. Em is also really trying to make up with JD which is a little difficult when there is so much she can’t tell him.

There is also a new girl in town, Skylar McVoy, who is set on leaving her terrible past behind, including the secret she keeps deep within herself. She can’t believe her luck when popular girl Gabby befriends her. Then sophisticated Meg helps with a makeover and loads of advice, all of which seems to make sense at the time.

This is the second of the Furies books. Em has grown, she is darker in this book, tougher, focussed and fighting not to loose her mind. She struggles to hold a life together that has two very different sides. She tries to maintain two practically opposite types of friendships. Drea is dark, moody, driven and hiding her secrets close. Ultimately Drea’s actions show just how driven she is. Gabby is a wonderfully developed character who provides a lovely counterpoint to the tormented souls around her.

This story is tense, full of frustration and compelling.

Skylar is the new girl, determined to do what most not popular people do when they start a new school – she just wants to fit in. Meg seems to exert a strange hold over her that Skylar simply can’t see, not even when it starts influencing her in making nasty choices. It’s frustrating to read that sort of thing sometimes as the manipulation is so obvious you just want to slap Skylar upside the head. All in all though I will admit to being curious as to where Miles will take this next. Not your normal YA paranormal fantasy.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Published: 30 August 2012

Format: Paperback 320 pages

Categories: Romance, Paranormal, Mythology

ISBN 13: 9780857072047

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

The Mark of Athena

By: Rick Riordan

Heroes of Olympus bk 3

Percy and Annabeth are finally reunited and Jason returns to Camp Jupiter. The first steps are tentative but the fragile peace is quickly shattered. It is in this precarious environment that the seven start out on their new quest. They have to find Nico di Angelo, who is being held by twin giants, if they are to have a chance at preventing the rise of Gaia.

The quest takes them across the path of those determined to stop them, they cannot be assisted by most of the gods as many of them have their own issues to do with split personalities. The greeks and the romans learn to work together in the face of enemies, time restraints and a coming war between their two camps.

Concurrent to the overriding quest Annabeth has a very personal journey to go on. Her mother has commissioned her to follow the Mark of Athena and correct an ancient wrong. This is a task she will have to face on her own, a task all those sent before her have failed to fulfil.

This is a welcome return to the world of Jason and Percy. The combination of these two characters is very interesting, two guys who are used to leading now trying to work together, the frustrations and feelings of inadequacy give their moments a great depth (as much as an action story can have depth).

Every character gets the chance to excel, they all get the chance you use their particular abilities to further the quest. This quest only continues because they find a way to work together, even when things are a little confusing.

In some ways Leo has the hardest time of it because he is the only one of the seven who isn’t with a partner, the other six are all couples. His story arc is interesting in a different way and the connection he has with Hazel gives that part of the story an different feel.

All the characters have important parts to play and in particular Annabeth who finally gets a solo quest. This story has developed into a great ensemble piece which gives you the chance to explore all the characters. The relationships between the couples add tension as they struggle to find just a few moments to be normal teenagers.

As always Riordan transports you to a place full of gods and monsters, it seems totally surreal and yet you are totally willing to be swept along for the ride. The action is fast paced, the plot skips along at a wonderful pace that ensures you are unwilling to put the book down for very long. The problem I have with these books is the wait between them. The Mark of Athena didn’t disappoint.

Highly recommended.

Publisher: Puffin Books

Published: 02 October 2012

Format: Paperback 528 pages

Categories: Mythology, Fantasy, Action

ISBN 13: 9780141335759

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page

The Enchantress

I received my copy as an ARC from the publisher.

By: Michael Scott

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series

The end play has begun. Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel are close to death but they are prepared for this last stand. They will not let San Francisco be overrun by monsters. They do not stand alone, allies and previous enemies, gods and immortals, stand side by side. The Flamels, Machiavelli, Black Hake, Billy the Kid, Odin, Mars, Prometheus and Niten have their part to play in the mortal realm. John Dee, Virginia Dare and the twins, Sophie and Josh, have disappeared and are back at the end of Danu Talis, the city has to fall and they all have a part to play, though not necessarily the part they thought they would have. Everything in their lives has led them to this point. One twin to save the world, one to destroy it. The twins are not alone but the final choice is theirs to make.

I was very much looking forward to this book and it didn’t disappoint. The pace is fast and there is plenty of action, monsters, heroism and redemption. Sophie and Josh reunite, standing together where they were a little apart. Here in this moment, no matter what Isis and Osiris say, Josh and Sophie get to choose, they will not be led meekly to the end. The twins have had their ups and downs in this journey through awakening to mastering their gifts. They didn’t always agree but they stand strongly together at the end. Josh’s journey is perhaps the hardest, he has struggled the most with jealousy and finding a place to fit, Sophie remained more firm, but Josh needed to take the path he did. He needed to have questioned, he needed to choose and hear the advice he did in order find himself in the position he does. He is ready to decide. Sophie’s journey may have been a bit steadier but she provides a grounding for Josh, she is there for him no matter what and it is her determination not to let him go that allowed them to be where they needed to be, standing together.

The twins are never alone and the story of the Flamels and other immortals are equally interesting. I still love the fact that Shakespeare, John Dee, Machiavelli, and Joan of Arc are all participants in this story (as well as others). Scathach is a wonderful character and remains one of my favourites.

Scott has taken many strands and woven them together masterfully. The texture of this story is intricate, entertaining and an absolute pleasure to read. Somehow mixing so many characters and mythologies doesn’t get messy, teh strands remain clear and as a result the big picture stays clear.

A wonderful and fitting end to a great series.

Publisher: Random House

Published: 24 May 2012

Format: Paperback 528 pages

Categories: Fantasy, Mythology

ISBN 13: 9780385619004

Purchase: here or use the Booktopia link on side of page


I received my copy of this from the publisher.

By: Alyson Noel

Daire has a different life to most girls her age, she know that but traveling the world from film set to film set with her make-up artist mother, Jennika, is all she has ever known. Her father died before she was born. Recently though Daire has started to see glowing people more often and has had to live through moments when time appears to freeze for everyone but her. Then comes the moment that changes everything. No-one seems to be able to give Daire answers about what is happening to her. Then from nowhere her long lost grandmother Paloma calls saying she has the answer.

Jennika is skeptical but no other options seems better so she sends Daire to live with Paloma. Daire is not happy about this but slowly she sees the wisdom in what Paloma says and realises she is able to offer Daire some things she never had. Sure the path of a seeker, which is what Paloma tells her she is, is a hard one. One fraught with danger, especially with the trickster Coyote gaining strength, but along with a new purpose Daire finds a home, somewhere to belong.

I quite liked this, Daire is an interesting character from an interesting background. She is strong and determined, both traits I like to see. Noel has delivered a great cast of characters in a fascinating setting and a power triangle rather than a romantic one. All good things. Dace is a good balance to Daire, a steadying influence. That the bad guy Cade is Dace’s twin brother brings an interesting dynamic to the story and it will be interesting to see how that develops. This was a balanced story, with mystery, paranormal elements (like spirit guides) and a touch of romance surrounding a solid good versus evil core. I am looking forward to the next book. Oh and I have to say I love Xotichl what a brilliant character, I hope there is more of her in the next book.

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Published: 24 May 2012

Format: Paperback 464 pages

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9781447206804

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of page


I received my copy of this from the publisher.By: Brodi Ashton

Six months ago Nikki Beckett ran away from her boyfriend and broken heart into the arms of Cole, who whisked her away to the underworld known as the Everneath. Now she is back with just six months to put everything right before the Everneath claims her for good. Things aren’t quite that straight forward though, Nikki still loves Jack and she can’t find the words to tell her father and brother goodbye. Then it appears there may be the possibility of redemption, not that she believes she deserves it, and finding it will be no easy task. Will Nikki be able to put all the pieces together in time? Will she reject Cole regardless of the consequences or will she return to the Everneath as Cole’s queen?

This is an interesting take on the Persephone myth. Nikki is determined to do the right thing by her friends and family even when it proves much harder than she thought it would. Jack is a love interest with a bit of a difference, it is his love that is the key and he fights for Nikki as she fights for him. Cole is suitably creepy on several levels. The overall tone of this book is dark, Nikki’s story is rather bittersweet as strands of misinformation, lost love and mythology are all pulled together. If you are looking for a tale revolving around a powerful kind of love then give this a look.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Published: 02 February 2012

Format: Paperback 384 pages

Categories: Romance, Paranormal

ISBN 13: 9780857074577

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on side of page

Book Club – Book Giveaway

I am in the fortunate position to have my hands on a spare copy of the second Heroes of Olympus book – Son of Neptune.

It’s real easy to win this comp, just leave a comment about why you loved the Percy Jackson books and someone will be selected at random.

And just in case you forgot or didn’t know – Percy is in this book. Yay!

Book Club November 2011 – The Lost Hero

Book: The Lost Hero

Series: Heroes of Olympus

By: Rick Riordan

Genre: Mythology, Modern Fantasy


Jason wakes on the back seat of a school bus with no memory. He is told Leo is his best friend and Piper is is girlfriend but he just can’t remember. Before he can get his bearings all hell breaks loose. They are attacked by monsters, protected by a satyr and Jason is able to do things that seem totally unreal.

Jason, Leo and Piper are rescued only to crash land at Camp Half-Blood. Apparently it’s the only safe place for the children of the Greek gods. It doesn’t really appear all that safe; apart from the roaming monsters there are rumours of a terrible curse and a missing hero.

Piper finally finds out who her mother is and is not happy about it, but then that isn’t her only problem, she is hiding something much bigger for her new friends. She’s not the only one with a secret, the things Leo can do with fire…well that doesn’t even seem normal in a place where abnormal is the standard.

Then somehow the three of them are chosen to undertake a terrifying new quest. They have no idea what must be done or what they must sacrifice to succeed. And what is Jason’s secret? How does he know the things he does?

My Initial Thoughts

A very fitting installment in the world of Percy Jackson. A much bigger book but a no less riveting read. Told from three perspectives it keeps you interested and intrigued. As always there is plenty of action. Rick Riordan has produced another book I struggled to put down, even when my kids were demanding my attention.

Did I Like It?

In one word – yes. It was interesting going into Percy’s world where there was no Percy. Using Jason as the method for introducing the Roman aspects of the gods was a neat way to do it. It made the adjustment quite smooth, you come from a world you are really familiar with and then add a little something different.

The three characters for me were good replacements for the ones we know and love. Making Piper Aphrodite’s child, was a great move giving us the chance to explore the issues of love and beauty. Leo to provide humour and determination, and Jason to provide leadership make for a trio that work really well together. I look forward to seeing more of them in book three.

What do you think about the mixing of the mythologies, does it work for you? What do you think of how Piper fits into the family of Aphrodite?

Yes It’s Part of a Series

The second book has just been released which is why I chose this book but I would like to add that should you wish to comment about the second book that will be fine. I’m thinking that I will probably talk about it later in the month.


Son of Neptune

I received a copy of this from the publisher.By: Rick Riordan

Heroes of Olympus series bk 2

Percy Jackson has woken from a deep sleep. He has no memory, except of one person from his past, Annabeth. He does however, know he is running from two snake-haired gorgons and fighting for his life. Lupa the she-wolf has taught him survival skills and for some reason water revives him. As more strange things happen, no matter how fantastical they seem, he accepts them as real.

Percy finds himself at a camp for half-bloods, he knows he is one but nothing about this camp is familiar and some things just seem wrong. There are some things though that don’t seem to have disappeared with his memory: his fighting prowess, his somewhat less than reverential attitude and his involvement in seemingly impossible quests.

With two new demi-god friends, Hazel and Frank, he sets out on a quest issued to Camp Jupiter by Mars the god of war, as part of the Prophesy of the Seven. If Percy, Frank and Hazel fail in their quest it isn’t just the camp at risk, but also those from Percy’s old life and even the world.

The clock is ticking…

Firstly Percy Jackson is back – cue me happy dancing.

Now we’ve got that out of the way…

Like always, things with Percy Jackson start fast and get faster. If you are lucky there are a few moments to eat, drink and be merry. It is nice that, in this book, where so much has changed, Percy has retained his attitude to the gods, and in this case it is a nice counterpoint to how the Romans view the gods. The contrast between the two camps, that was hinted at in the first book, is interesting to see in this more detailed manner. It is also interesting seeing the gods in their different incarnations.

Hazel is smart and thinks quickly on her feet. The key to her journey is her hidden past and her deepest secrets. Frank’s transformation, from the person Percy first sees when he enters the camp to heading out on the quest and beyond is sometimes surprising. The three work well together, it’s nice to see Percy a little out of his depth yet still be a confident figure.

On the surface it is all action in these books but scratch a little below the surface and you see these kids have plenty of their own problems clouding the quest.

Riordan has again bought us an action packed ride, filled with likable characters, great monsters and sometimes silly dialogue. He blends the fantastical with the real and you are totally drawn in for a brief escape. Descriptions are vivid, the pace often frantic. I love these books, they are pure adrenalised fun and a fantastic way to just get away for a while. The two books have set things up for an interesting finale.

Publisher: Puffin Books

Published: 04 October 2011

Format: Hardback 528 pages

Categories: Fantasy, Mythology, Action

ISBN 13: 9780141335728

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on side of page

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