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Burn Bright – Book Trailer

This is the new Young Adult novel by Australian Sci-fi writer Marianne de Pierres. It is a dark dance through a world of pleasure, fun and no adults. There is more going on under the surface though and this book will take you on a wonderful journey but make sure you stick to the paths.

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Burn Bright

By: Marianne de Pierres

Night Creatures series book 1

Retra is a Seal – one from the sealed community. She may be marked as an outcast and determined to escape but she doesn’t really want to go to Ixion, she has no real desire to party and seek pleasure like the rest of those who choose to go. She just wants to find her brother Joel and he left for Ixion two years ago. There are more things going on though than Retra could possibly have guessed at. Firstly there is the Pirate Ruzalia, who raids the boats, pulling certain people off them, no-one seems to know why. 

Then Retra has to survive Ixion and to do that she has to put aside all she has ever learnt and blend in, she needs to start having fun. If she can’t do this she will be withdrawn early and no-one can say exactly what that means. Except perhaps the Ripers, who are the Guardians of Ixion but are they really looking out for everyone or is something much darker going on. Ixion may be a place of pleasure but under the surface there are dark secrets that Retra stumbles upon as she searches for her brother. Retra can’t stay uninvolved, she knows too much.

This is an intricately and darkly woven dance. The layers are well blended, the story compelling. You move silently with Retra as she discovers herself, her strength, and the secrets most seem unwilling to uncover. As she grows from Retra to Naife you know you you have to keep reading to find out what happens next. Retra is accompanied by an eclectic mix of characters that blend well to create the diverse micro-culture that is Ixion.

Publisher: Random House Australia

Published: 01/03/11

Format: Paperback

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9781864719888

Purchase: Booktopia

Aussie Author Month

April is Aussie Author Month. A time we readers get to celebrate some of the awesome creative talent Australia has produced. In children’s literature there are plenty of wonderful authors to discover, rediscover or just continue to enjoy.

Below is a list of just a few people, and an example of their work,  worth checking out and celebrating.

Michael Pryor – Laws of Magic (Series)

John Marsden – Tomorrow When The War Began (Series)

Margo Lanagan – Tender Morsels

Justine Labalestier – Liar

Marianne de Pierres – Burn Bright

Matthew Reilly – Hover Car Racer

Kirsty Murray – India Dark

Karen Tayleur – Hostage

Jackie French – Lessons For A Werewolf Warrior

John Flanagan – Rangers Apprentice Series

Andy Griffiths – The Day My Bum Went Psycho

Wendy Harmer – Pearlie Series

Andrew Daddo – Skoz the Dog

Paul Jennings – Rascal the Dragon Series

Aaron Blabey – Sunday Chutney

This list is by no means conclusive, there are many wonderful Aussie authors not mentioned. I just encourage you to pick up an old favourite or find something new as a way to join in the celebrations of Aussie Author month.

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