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Books to Check Out


Different people look for vastly different things in the books they choose for their children. I try to read a wide variety of books but without question I am drawn more to the genres I love, this is why sometimes it’s a great idea to check out the best of lists. Now no-one is likely to agree with everything that makes these lists, but sometimes it is good to expand our horizons, you might be surprised. To be totally honest those Best of All Time lists, are filled with books I have absolutely no desire to read, but I still go through them and sometimes am reminded of books that I’ve been meaning to pick up.

So with that in mind here is a link to The Bank Street Centre for Children’s Literature list.

Some great titles here and a large number of ones I’ve never heard of. Oh if only I didn’t actually have a day job, but I have to pay for my book addiction somehow.

Topics and Recommendations

I have been asked many times for lists of books about certain topics or for certain ages, and I have been meaning to compile some of these lists for this site. Now I am finally getting around to doing it. Each list is not exhaustive and will be added to as I come across new, or just more, things. In a lot of cases the sections that are broken down according to topic would be picture books.

The other thing that will be included in this category are things I believe encourage reading.

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