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Cherry Crush

By: Cathy Cassidy

Book 1 of the Chocolate Box Girls

Cherry lives with her dad and is often isolated and in trouble because of the lies she tells. When her dad falls in love again she is happy to move to Kitnor and start a new life and maybe, just maybe become part of a family because her dad’s new girlfriend has four girls of her own. Cherry tries to fit in, she tried not to lie and tries very much not to fall for the one guy who is very definitely off limits.

Cherry is a character that is a little sad, her past is filled with sadness, her school life wasn’t great and she feels as though she has to create stories in order to fit in. The new life at Tanglewood Cottage offers her hope. As alwasy though the stories get away from her. The other sisters are wonderfully unique personalities and except for Honey are very welcoming. Honey, like Cherry has plenty of her own issues going on and it will be interesting to read her story as this is the first in a series of each of the girls. This is a fun read about the ups and downs of blending a family. It is not all hearts and flowers and it is not all terrible, in that respect I would guess it’s fairly normal. Cassidy has done a good job introducing the characters and painting a very realistic kind of family portrait.

Quite a pleasant read.

Publisher: Puffin Books

Published: 02 June 2011

Format: Paperback 304 pages

Categories: Family, Siblings, School

ISBN 13: 9780141325224

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The Little Lie

By: Sally Rippin

Billie B Brown series

Billie has been hunting dinosaurs with her best mate Jack but then she goes and breaks her arm. This isn’t so bad though because she now has the best Show and Tell story ever. There is a problem at the school the next day though, when Billie can’t stick to the truth, she thinks the story will be far more interesting if she adds a crocodile. This little lie has rather big consequences and things don’t end up the way Billie wants.

This is a nice little story about an independent young girl who is looking for a way to fit in better at school. Billie is feisty and fun and in this book learns a lesson about truth and making things up. This series is great for beginning readers just getting into chapter books. The print is large, the text simple and the story fun and easy to read. On top of that Billie is not a particularly girly girl and that makes her worth getting to know, especially for any parent over fairy books.

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

Published: 01 June 2011

Format: Paperback

Categories: School, Friends, Lies

ISBN 13: 978192184800

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