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Blood Money!

By: J.E. Fison

Part of the Hazard River series

Jack has things he wants to buy, so being industrious like he is he sets up a little stall to sell some stuff and make some bucks. The thing is some of the things he is trying to sell don’t belong to him so when his brother pulls out cash to buy his stuff back. Jack is determined to find out where he got it from. His brother leads him to a bag full of money, and a dead lizard. Jack thinks all his dreams have just come true. He is about to learn that money doesn’t always make things go smoothly or bring happiness. Big bags of it can in fact come attached to big bags of trouble. Who does the money really belong to and how did it get where the boys found it in the first place?

This is another fun adventure story for the younger reader wanting a little more excitement and action in their stories. The sibling rivalry is tangible enough to resonate off the page, it is like watching brother’s from the outside in.

This story also deals with things such as; taking stuff that doesn’t belong to you, being honest, and animal smuggling. All good topics for conversation if you are so inclined. Otherwise just open the book and enjoy the ride. A comfortable and adventure filled read that would be good for 8 to 9 year olds.

Publisher: Ford St Publishing

Published: 2011

Format: Paperback 101 pages

Categories: Adventure

ISBN 13: 9781921665462

Purchase: use booktopia logo on side of page or go to Ford Street Publishing


Toads’ Revenge

By: J.E. Fison

Part of the Hazard River series

Jack, Ben, Mimi and Lachlan are friends who do loads of stuff together, even plans that are though up by ‘the master of disaster’, Lachlan. This time he has gotten it into his head to meet Just Orsum, a celebrity newly arrived in Hazard River. Orsum is a famous adventurer. Things end up going horribly wrong and the friends find out more about Orsum than they ever could have guessed. Once these friends have embarked on this great adventure it isn’t certain if they will ever get home. The biggest question being, will they survive the killer toads?

A fun adventure read, most suited probably for readers around 8-9. Loads of action and silliness to keep the story going. Fison writes with an easy style that is easy to read, and the chapters are a good length for younger readers. If you are looking for something with entertaining younger characters, a dash of sibling rivalry, and some seriously odd adventures, then this series is definitely worth a look.

Publisher: Ford St Publishing

Published: 1st Aug 2011

Format: Paperback 82 pages

Categories: Adventure

ISBN 13: 9781921665455

Purchase: at Ford St Publishing or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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