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Book Club November 2011 – The Lost Hero

Book: The Lost Hero

Series: Heroes of Olympus

By: Rick Riordan

Genre: Mythology, Modern Fantasy


Jason wakes on the back seat of a school bus with no memory. He is told Leo is his best friend and Piper is is girlfriend but he just can’t remember. Before he can get his bearings all hell breaks loose. They are attacked by monsters, protected by a satyr and Jason is able to do things that seem totally unreal.

Jason, Leo and Piper are rescued only to crash land at Camp Half-Blood. Apparently it’s the only safe place for the children of the Greek gods. It doesn’t really appear all that safe; apart from the roaming monsters there are rumours of a terrible curse and a missing hero.

Piper finally finds out who her mother is and is not happy about it, but then that isn’t her only problem, she is hiding something much bigger for her new friends. She’s not the only one with a secret, the things Leo can do with fire…well that doesn’t even seem normal in a place where abnormal is the standard.

Then somehow the three of them are chosen to undertake a terrifying new quest. They have no idea what must be done or what they must sacrifice to succeed. And what is Jason’s secret? How does he know the things he does?

My Initial Thoughts

A very fitting installment in the world of Percy Jackson. A much bigger book but a no less riveting read. Told from three perspectives it keeps you interested and intrigued. As always there is plenty of action. Rick Riordan has produced another book I struggled to put down, even when my kids were demanding my attention.

Did I Like It?

In one word – yes. It was interesting going into Percy’s world where there was no Percy. Using Jason as the method for introducing the Roman aspects of the gods was a neat way to do it. It made the adjustment quite smooth, you come from a world you are really familiar with and then add a little something different.

The three characters for me were good replacements for the ones we know and love. Making Piper Aphrodite’s child, was a great move giving us the chance to explore the issues of love and beauty. Leo to provide humour and determination, and Jason to provide leadership make for a trio that work really well together. I look forward to seeing more of them in book three.

What do you think about the mixing of the mythologies, does it work for you? What do you think of how Piper fits into the family of Aphrodite?

Yes It’s Part of a Series

The second book has just been released which is why I chose this book but I would like to add that should you wish to comment about the second book that will be fine. I’m thinking that I will probably talk about it later in the month.


Tomorrow The Book Club Starts

Tomorrow is November and the start of our YA Book Club.

The first book this month is Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour. A novel about a road trip. With the end of school year coming up and our longest holidays on the way I thought this would be a good choice. It will give us the chance to think about where you might go if you got the chance to go on a road trip amongst other things.

Second up I decided to throw in something just for fun. The second of the Heroes of Olympus books by Rick Riordan has just been released so I thought we’d look at the first, The Lost Hero. If you’ve come through as a younger reader on the back of the Percy Jackson books, you are probably a fan of these. I know I am. I love the mythology and with these books we can look at the comparisons of the Greek and Roman mythologies.

So starting tomorrow I will repost my initial reviews with a little added and we can start the talking.

Son of Neptune

I received a copy of this from the publisher.By: Rick Riordan

Heroes of Olympus series bk 2

Percy Jackson has woken from a deep sleep. He has no memory, except of one person from his past, Annabeth. He does however, know he is running from two snake-haired gorgons and fighting for his life. Lupa the she-wolf has taught him survival skills and for some reason water revives him. As more strange things happen, no matter how fantastical they seem, he accepts them as real.

Percy finds himself at a camp for half-bloods, he knows he is one but nothing about this camp is familiar and some things just seem wrong. There are some things though that don’t seem to have disappeared with his memory: his fighting prowess, his somewhat less than reverential attitude and his involvement in seemingly impossible quests.

With two new demi-god friends, Hazel and Frank, he sets out on a quest issued to Camp Jupiter by Mars the god of war, as part of the Prophesy of the Seven. If Percy, Frank and Hazel fail in their quest it isn’t just the camp at risk, but also those from Percy’s old life and even the world.

The clock is ticking…

Firstly Percy Jackson is back – cue me happy dancing.

Now we’ve got that out of the way…

Like always, things with Percy Jackson start fast and get faster. If you are lucky there are a few moments to eat, drink and be merry. It is nice that, in this book, where so much has changed, Percy has retained his attitude to the gods, and in this case it is a nice counterpoint to how the Romans view the gods. The contrast between the two camps, that was hinted at in the first book, is interesting to see in this more detailed manner. It is also interesting seeing the gods in their different incarnations.

Hazel is smart and thinks quickly on her feet. The key to her journey is her hidden past and her deepest secrets. Frank’s transformation, from the person Percy first sees when he enters the camp to heading out on the quest and beyond is sometimes surprising. The three work well together, it’s nice to see Percy a little out of his depth yet still be a confident figure.

On the surface it is all action in these books but scratch a little below the surface and you see these kids have plenty of their own problems clouding the quest.

Riordan has again bought us an action packed ride, filled with likable characters, great monsters and sometimes silly dialogue. He blends the fantastical with the real and you are totally drawn in for a brief escape. Descriptions are vivid, the pace often frantic. I love these books, they are pure adrenalised fun and a fantastic way to just get away for a while. The two books have set things up for an interesting finale.

Publisher: Puffin Books

Published: 04 October 2011

Format: Hardback 528 pages

Categories: Fantasy, Mythology, Action

ISBN 13: 9780141335728

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on side of page

Son of Neptune – Sneak Peak

Okay so I will freely admit that I am a fan of Rick Riordan. I love the Percy Jackson books and the Kane Chronicles, feel free to check out the reviews on this site. With the second of the Kane Chronicles having only recently been released I was thinking I’d have to wait a while before my next Riordan fix, only to find tonight that the cover art has just been revealed and chapter one of the second Heroes of Olympus books Son of Neptune is available as a sneak peak here. So fellow fans make sure you check it out. Of course this suggestion comes with a warning, it may make you impatient for the rest of the book.

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