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The Emperor’s New Clothes Horse

By: Tony Wilson & Sue deGennaro

The Emperor loves horses, he loves to race them and he has won everything except one race. He is desperate to win the cup and so he sends out trainers high and low to find him his new champion. Then one day some strange new trainers turn up with what they claim is a magic horse and only those who are exceptional in their jobs will see it for the magnificent beast it is. There’s one little boy though who isn’t fooled by what is going on, will he be heard?

A twist on the old fairy tale and a fun one at that. There’s no parade or nudity just an old wooden clothes horse. I found this quite fun even knowing the original and young children who have never heard this before will be laughing at the silliness of the Emperor. The pictures were wonderfully complimentary to the overall light hearted tone of this book.  A silly little tale.

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 01 May 2012

Format: Hardback 32 pages

Categories: Humour, Truth

ISBN 13: 9781742830452

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I got a copy of this as an ARC from the publisher

By: Marissa Meyer

Bk 1 The Lunar Chronicles

Cinder is a cyborg, half human/half machine, this means she is looked upon as a lesser citizen, owned by her step-mother. Cinder is a very good mechanic and earns the family’s money working a stall in the market. Her skill results in the Prince bringing an android in for her to repair, he seems anxious to get some information stored in the droid. The excitement of of meeting the Prince is swept aside in the pandemonium that happens when a stall holder in the market comes down with the plague that is causing havoc across the land.

Things go from bad to worse when Cinder’s step-sister also shows symptoms of the plague. In a fit of rage Cinder’s step-mother volunteers for her for medical experimentation. This is when things really start to unravel for Cinder. The doctor is keeping things from her, the Prince keeps asking her to the ball and Cinder is planning her escape. With all that is going on another enemy shows their hand. The Lunar Queen, who controls her people with brainwashing and manipulation, is hungry for more power and has made her move on the Prince and his people at their most vulnerable. Cinder wants to stay out of it but when she gets some information she knows that that is no longer an option. She risks her life to tell the Prince what she has found out without knowing just how much that information, it’s consequences and the knowledge that follows, will change her life.

At the heart of this story is a tale we know well. A young step-daughter forced to work by her family, a prince and a ball. Really that is where the similarities end.

Cinder is a complex character battling to figure out who she really is. She believes that even though she has mechanical parts she is like a person who lives and feels. Her step-mother and others say she can’t be, in part because she cannot cry. Cinder is a character that draws you in even as part of you recognises that she will go to the ball with the Prince.

The path to destiny is not always so clear though. As events happen around her, Cinder is drawn into the greater issues of politics and plotting and her past begins to open up to her. This is a layered story and an interesting read. Meyer has done a good job of bringing the world of New Beijing to life in all it’s technological grittiness.

There was a moment or two of cringe factor, that moment when boy and girl are inevitably torn apart. I understand why it happens but part of me wishes there was a different way of doing it. As an overall read I admit to enjoying it and looking forward to seeing where Meyer takes things. If you like fairytales and sci-fi then I’m sure you will love this.

Publisher: Puffin Books

Published: 05 January 2012

Format: Paperback 400 pages

Categories: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fairytale

ISBN 13: 9780141340135

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Don’t Read This Book!

By: Jill Lewis and Deborah Allwright

The King’s storywriter has a problem. When the King calls up for his new story he has to tell him that he has lost the notes he had for it. The King thinks this is terrible and they set out to recover the storywriters notes so he can tell the King the story. There is another problem though, and it seems to be bothering the King – someone is watching them.

This book is really fun. It’s cover just begs you to pick it up and open it. It is a sort of ‘behind the scenes of story development’ book. It acknowledges you the reader, which draws you right into what is going on. There is inside fairytale humour that some readers and parents will definitely smile at. The text is very much a part of the illustrations, something that adds to the feeling of being involved. For fun, silliness and yet another story that is begging to be read aloud you simply can’t go past this one.

Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd

Published: 02 February 2009

Format: Paperback 32 pages

Categories: Storybooks

ISBN 13: 9781405236423

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By: Alex Flinn

Kyle Kingsbury thinks he is all that, in fact he knows he is. He is popular, good looking and his dad is famous and loaded. His is not above being cruel to get a few laughs. Unfortunately his cruelty lands him in more trouble than he could ever have imagined. he falls victim to a witches spell and he is transformed into a beast. Money can’t buy Kyle or his father out of this so Kyle ends up locked away with only a tutor and a housekeeper for company.

To break the curse Kyle has to get someone to fall in love with him but how can he do that when he is trapped in a beasts body unable to go out in public. Then comes Lindy, her father gives her to Kyle, but can she see she’s not his prisoner and look past his hairy, scary outside to the transformation that has happened on the inside before his time runs out.

Flinn has written a modern re-working of an old fairy tale – Beauty and the Beast. The setting has been moved to modern New York, the characters – high school students. For me it was a bit bland, predictable. There was nothing bad about it but it wasn’t different enough to really grab my attention either. If you like high school morality stories and are looking for a light read that won’t tax you in any way then you could do worse than this. 

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc

Published: 01 June 2010

Format: Paperback 336 pages

Categories: Fiction Fantasy Romance

ISBN 13: 9780061998669

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The Well at the End of the World

By: Robert San Souci

Illustrated By: Rebecca Walsh

Princess Rosamond is not a typical princess. She isn’t interested in fancy clothes or looking good, she would much prefer to spend her time with a good book. She also keep busy balancing the royal accounts and makes sure the drawbridge stays in working order. Then her father gets remarried and her stepmother and stepsister are only really interested in the royal treasury. They scheme to keep Rosamond out of the way.

When her father falls ill Rosamond chooses to set out in search of the one thing that might cure him – the healing waters from the well at the end of the world. Along the way Rosamond has plenty of opportunity to help or be selfish. Which path will she take and what things will happen as a result of her journey?

A wonderful fairytale-esque story. It contains a feisty heroine who uses generosity, intelligence and courage to get what she needs as opposed to servants, orders and selfishness. Walsh has painted wonderful illustrations that manage to somehow be both classic and contemporary. This is a great adventure story twisted through with a strong moral strand. It can stand as it is, providing a good example or be a springboard to discussions on attitudes. There is plenty of text which makes it a great choice for kindy/pre-primary or year one readers not quite ready for chapter books. Recommended.

Publisher: North-South Books (Nord-Sud Verlag AG)

Published: 23 September 2004

Format: Hardback 48 pages

Categories: Fiction General Self-Esteem

ISBN 13: 9781587172120

Purchase: here

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