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I received my copy from the publisher


By: Elizabeth Miles

The Furies bk 3

Emily Winters has had enough of living in her own personal nightmare. So many have suffered at the hands of the Furies who are still hanging around, and she believes they are slowly driving her crazy. It is time, Emily has decided to take matters into her own hands, she is not going to give up her fate, her life without a fight. She feels so alone though, she doesn’t know who to turn to, JD is out of the question and Crow seems to be growing more unstable. Then JD begins to uncover the truth, he misses the old Emily and he wants her back, he is determined to help her, even if his help is the very thing she doesn’t need.

Can JD see enough of what is going on to help? Can Crow figure out what is going on in his head? Can Emily unravel enough of the Furies secrets to put them and their curse behind her once and for all? The Furies love to play games and they are particularly enjoying this one it seems, and one has an ulterior motive, she really doesn’t want Emily to win.

A great ending to a darkly intriguing series. Emily grows so much through the course of the series, from the popular girl, to the tormented soul to one who stands up for herself and sees more of the important things than she used to. Emily has had moments when you really don’t care all that much for her, but her final transformation is one you end up barracking for. JD really comes into his own in this book after being, in part, the catalyst for Emily’s curse. He comes to realise that sometimes you have to put yourself out there and risk looking silly, to fight for something that is important to you. The Furies remain gloriously selfish and twisted right to the end.

Miles created place that is so everyday, anywhere and wove through it the magic and mythology of the Furies. It is a place where the two aspects blend seamlessly, and there is no need for the reader to question if the Furies belong in that town. A fitting end.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Published: 10 October 2013

Format: Paperback 336 pages

Categories: Fantasy, Romance, Mythology

ISBN 13: 9780857072092

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on side of the page.



This book was sent to me by the publisher.


By: Elizabeth Miles

The Furies series Bk 2

Emily Winters is trying to adapt. It is not so day to hold onto your regular life after having it ripped apart by Furies. They haven’t left Ascension though and Emily discovers their connection to the town is much stronger than she could have imagined. her new friend Drea is just as determined to get at the Furies, though she won’t tell Emily why. Em is also really trying to make up with JD which is a little difficult when there is so much she can’t tell him.

There is also a new girl in town, Skylar McVoy, who is set on leaving her terrible past behind, including the secret she keeps deep within herself. She can’t believe her luck when popular girl Gabby befriends her. Then sophisticated Meg helps with a makeover and loads of advice, all of which seems to make sense at the time.

This is the second of the Furies books. Em has grown, she is darker in this book, tougher, focussed and fighting not to loose her mind. She struggles to hold a life together that has two very different sides. She tries to maintain two practically opposite types of friendships. Drea is dark, moody, driven and hiding her secrets close. Ultimately Drea’s actions show just how driven she is. Gabby is a wonderfully developed character who provides a lovely counterpoint to the tormented souls around her.

This story is tense, full of frustration and compelling.

Skylar is the new girl, determined to do what most not popular people do when they start a new school – she just wants to fit in. Meg seems to exert a strange hold over her that Skylar simply can’t see, not even when it starts influencing her in making nasty choices. It’s frustrating to read that sort of thing sometimes as the manipulation is so obvious you just want to slap Skylar upside the head. All in all though I will admit to being curious as to where Miles will take this next. Not your normal YA paranormal fantasy.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Published: 30 August 2012

Format: Paperback 320 pages

Categories: Romance, Paranormal, Mythology

ISBN 13: 9780857072047

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.


This book was sent to me by the publisher.By: Elizabeth Miles

Emily Winters is really looking forward to the winter holidays because they are looking like they are going to be really good. The guy she is into has finally started to notice her, little looks and touches, The problem is he already has a girlfriend but she is going away, the bigger problem though is the girlfriend is Gabby, Emily’s best friend. If she starts down this path it won’t be something she can ever take back. Sometimes sorry is not enough. Someone has seen, someone knows and someone wants Emily to pay.

Chase comes from the other side of town. His home life is tense and his social life is beginning to unravel, not something he wants with the big Football Feast coming up. But Chase has a secret, he has done something really cruel, it is the sort of thing the perfect guy he’s trying to pretend to be, would never do. Now he thinks his actions have resulted in something terrible. He is convinced that it is only a matter of time before he is exposed. Hen he meets Ty and her cousins and becomes obsessed, but what is Ty’s agenda?

This novel has elements of paranormal and romance but with a twist. The paranormal element isn’t angels, werewolves or vampires. In this way it is a little refreshing. Miles evenly spreads the Fury’s rage between male and female targets which is also a good touch. This is a story of choices, seduction and consequences. It is about opening your eyes to what is around you. Emily isn’t a character you will always like or even always cheer on, her choices after all are what bring her to the Fury’s attention. Chase is also a character written in a way that makes you feel he has no real redeeming features.

The story is fairly tight and mildly intriguing. If you are an avid reader of YA paranormal stories and you can get past the characters who are often quite unlikeable, then you will probably like this, though remember it isn’t a normal paranormal romance – which for me is a good thing.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Published: 30 August 2011

Format: Paperback

Categories: Romance Paranormal

ISBN 13: 9780857074867

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on side of page

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