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The Lorax

So I finally got around to watching the recent adaptation of one of my abso fave Dr Seuss stories of all time.

The problem when you love the source material is that, well you love the source material.

Here are some tv spots that ran when it came out

I have to say I really enjoyed this. Sure they took some liberties and much was made of why the boy was out seeking the Once-ler but it made sense. Over all it was a fun take on the book. Sure there were differences and the big one for me was that the animals didn’t depart over time they all departed at  once.

The book is still better in this case but the film didn’t have me screaming at my screen in disgust which is a good thing.

Some interviews and stuff.

Here’s a musical clip to finish.

The Lorax – Movie Trailer

Okay, so I just found out they were making a movie of The Lorax and I wasn’t sure how this made me feel – mostly because this is like my favourite Dr Seuss book ever. So I went hunting for the trailer a few things about it made me feel a little better. Mostly that it’s done by the guys who did Despicable me – which I really liked. However it still remains to be seen exactly how they deal with the source material.

Here is the trailer so you can make up your own mind.

The Lorax

By: Dr Seuss

This is the tale of the Lorax as told by the Once-ler. The Once-ler arrived when the place was beautiful – green grass, clean pond, bright coloured and tall truffula trees dotting the landscape. The Once-ler doesn’t care for the environment though and when the Lorax appears to ask the Once-ler to stop cutting down the trees, the Once-ler doesn’t listen. Instead he keeps doing just what he wants, doing more and more damage, without a care until he ruins everything.

This is a truly fantastic story, one of my favourite Dr Seuss’. Also one of the best kid’s stories ever written dealing with this topic, though I’m sure some might find it a bit preachy. It’s a wonderful tale detailing the dangers of carelessness and environmental destruction. A particularly relevant topic in today’s society which makes it amazing when you remember it was written so long ago. Every bookshelf should have a little Dr Seuss represented on it. Children love the silly yet simple illustrations, the made up words and creatures, and the wonderful rhythm and rhyming style in which these stories are told.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Published: 02 April 2009

Format: Hardback 64 pages

Categories: Characters

ISBN 13: 9780007305827 

Purchase: here

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