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Hunger Games Movie Posters

Eight new Hunger Games promotional posters have just been released.

Very cleverly they released the posters to eight different sites, of course they all link to each other but I’m posting them all here for you simple viewing pleasure.

Sorry in advance for the thumbnail version of the Peeta pic.

So what do you think of these side lit pics? Think they work? Do you think they got it right with the casting? Truly only time will tell on that last one because really looks are only part of it. Characters we really know and love have to be played well. Sometimes the casting has put me off a movie and sometimes the performance of an actor I didn’t see in a role has surprised me. Fortunately I only need to wait till March to find out the answer to this question.


I received my copy from the publisher.
By: Amy Kathleen Ryan

Waverley and Kieran are young, still teenagers, but having grown up on a space ship they are contemplating marriage. Fertility and the continuation of the species is of primary importance to those on the Empyrean. Then they come in contact with the New Horizon – a ship that had been sent out a year before theirs and one they should never have met up with. Now events are spiraling out of control and the young couple find themselves separated after a violent battle. It soon becomes obvious that both sides are lying to suit their own, less than honest, purposes.

Kieran finds himself struggling to make command decisions he simply isn’t equipped to make, and finds mutiny is a very real threat. Waverley finds herself struggling for survival and to uncover the truth in a strange environment surrounded by people who lie and hurt her. She is determined though to save all the girls from the Empyrean, but is she strong enough to convince others of the hidden truths?

This story twists and turns as these characters are thrust into a fight for their very survival. The central three; Kieran, Waverley and Seth, are complex and there is an uncertain dynamic between them. There are times when you find yourself not necessarily liking them. The relationship between the two boys is very interesting, they are both burdened by what they perceive as their duty; Kieran’s to command and Seth’s not to let a person like the previous captain take control of the ship.

This is a tensely woven drama in which society is shrunk to a microcosm of two space ships. On the Empyrean the story plays out as survival of the inexperienced, manifesting in the form of force. On board the New Horizon, manipulation is the means to an end with little regard to who suffers along the way, all of which is disguised under the costume of religion.

In the end the lines blur as brute force and religion fan into flames more than just the drive for survival.

As it all plays out it becomes obvious that the things Waverley thought were a good idea in the beginning may not be, and this is the start of what could turn out to be a complicated love triangle.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

Published: 01 October 2011

Format: Paperback 320 pages

Categories: Science Fiction

ISBN 13: 9781742610320

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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