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SupaNova 2012

Okay the thing is I am a fan girl, actors/authors/characters, and I love it. I am totally unashamed of this part of my personality. A great thing about being me is I know plenty of others who indulge in geekdom and fandom as well. I was not alone this weekend, in fact SuperNova Perth had it’s biggest weekend there ever. It was huge and so much fun.

Why am I posting this you may wonder? Well because the sci-fi/fantasy fans are the best. We are avid and passionate. For many of us it starts at a young age, books/comics we love it and we devour it.

This weekend I saw cartoon characters, movie characters, comic book characters, tv show characters, game characters and book characters. Now is the time I will point out that a great many of these characters come from written word formats in one way or another. If you have kids who are avid readers and you want something to challenge them but will not have inappropriate themes, then often fantasy is a good place to go (not George RR Martin though). If you have reluctant readers give them a comic book. Reading is reading, and that is a good thing, and conventions are a great place to realise just how great it can be to escape for just a little while.

I have friends who dressed up as manga characters (they cosplay regularly). They were a huge hit over the weekend and spent much time being photographed by complete strangers. [Manga is something that can be read not just watched – for those of you out of the loop.]

A convention is also a great place to meet authors and get your favourite book/s signed and even find some new authors to try.

JB Thomas, Duncan Lay, Juliet Marillier, Bevan McGuiness, Marianne dePierres, Matthew Reilly, Christopher Paolini

Or see illustrators/artists in action.

The wonderful Marc McBride painting up a storm

One of my highlights was meeting Noah Hathaway who played Atreyu in the film version of one of my fave books as a kid The NeverEnding Story.

My signed pic…I totally geeked out over this.

We who are prepared to geek out salute you!!!

It’s Finally Here!

I know that all you fans know what comes out on the 8 & 9th of November (depending on which country you are in).

The long awaited conclusion to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle.

So in honour of the event here are a few clips just for you guys.

(The sound on this one is a little quiet) 

Hope it’s all that you want it to be.

Inheritance Teaser

I know many of you have been waiting and waiting for this book and so in an act of kindness, or just plain cruelty I am passing on to you a link to a sample from the new Christopher Paolini book – Inheritance, due out on the 9th of November 2011.


Click here if you are so inclined.

The Thrilling Conclusion to ERAGON

The Thrilling Conclusion to ERAGON 

The fourth and final book in the INHERITANCE series by Christopher Paolini is set to be released in November.

The legend began with ERAGON, ELDEST and BRISINGR followed. Now the final thrilling conclusion to Christopher Paolini’s worldwide phenomenon is set to be published in Australia on 8 November 2011. 

The fourth book, titled INHERITANCE, will be released simultaneously with the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand. It is set to answer ‘the burning questions asked by fans around the world’

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