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The Hunting Ground – Book Trailer

So here is a little teaser of The Hunting Ground.

That isn’t the only horror novel for teens written by McNish, here is a short introduction about Breathe by the author himself.

Soul Seekers Book Trailer – Noel

I enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to the second.

Rapture – Book Trailer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book trailer and one came out today for a book I know some people are really looking forward to. So with nothing else to say here is the trailer for the final instalment of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.

Arthur Slade Book Trailers

Arthur Slade is an award winning author and here are a couple of book trailers for his fantastical steampunk series The Hunchback Assignments.

The Hunchback Assignments Bk 1

The Dark Deeps – Bk 2

Kenneth Opel Book Trailers

Award winning author Kenneth Oppel has a book out that is a prequel to the Mary Shelley story ‘Frankenstein’, it is a fascinating concept and looks like an interesting read.

Here is the trailer, for This Dark Endeavour.

How would you feel if your parents bought home a new baby brother, only for you to discover that he is a chimpanzee? This it the topic Oppel looks at in his book Half Brother.

A Confusion of Princes – Book Trailer

Garth Nix has a new book coming out in April 2012. Can you say awesome?

Here’s the trailer.

Sea Hearts Trailer and Interview

Award winning and internationally acclaimed author Margo Lanagan has a new book, here is the trailer and an Q & A with Margo.

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