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So disclaimer to start, I’ve never read the books. They just never interested me.

This movie has a stella cast, I love Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson and think Emmy Rossum and Viola Davis are pretty awesome too. This is a case of I want to see the movie because of the cast. I have to admit that the basic story line is pretty appealling as well – is the witch going to be good or bad, though with a boy involved it is also pretty predictable.

The movie itself is quite tight, quite enjoyable. Irons and Thompson simply rule the screen when they are on it. As a stand alone movie it does alright, as the first of a series I’m not so sure. It didn’t really leave me wanting to see another instalment. However it did serve to have me looking at the book series again to see if I might have missed something. Going back over stuff about the books I went back to my first decision to not read them, there is simply so much out there to read, I don’t have time to read something that seems frustratingly convoluted. I could be wrong, and I’m sure there are many who love the books, they just aren’t for me. The film though was a good introduction to the world and the characters and hopefully did it’s job in leading others to the books.

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