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Pulse – Book Trailer

This is a good looking trailer and I have to say I really want to get my hands on a copy of this book – Pulse by Patrick Carman.

In case you missed it the book is due for release on the 26th of February.

Black Spring

This was sent to me by the publisher as a review copy.9781921977480By: Alison Croggon

Red House isn’t a bad place to live but it is a tainted one. Lina is a child with royal blood in her veins, blood that has saved her from having a very shortened life, for Lina is a witch. She can be endearing but is incredibly wilful. She grows up privileged, spoilt. her childhood companion Damek is as devoted to her as she is to him. Life is on the brink of change though, for the village is about to get swept into a Vendetta. Tragedy will strike close to home and things will never be the same.

Croggon has bought us a world that sweeps you up into it’s tragic tones. Lina isn’t a pleasant character, she has very harsh edges and her selfishness comes through in nearly everything she does, especially the way she treats other people. Damek is dark, driven and ultimately quite a despicable man,

The story is told through the eyes of Anna – a woman who grew up with Lina as a servant and friend when they were young. This tempers the view we get of Lina with Anna’s compassion, something that makes the story interesting and the characters of Lina and Damek more palatable.

A darkly engaging story. Well worth a read if you like to sink into something with a bit of a gothic feel to it.

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Published: 01 October 2012

Format: Paperback

Categories: Gothic

ISBN 13: 9781921977480

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.



This was sent to me as a reader’s copy from the publisher.9781447206828By: Alyson Noel

Daire Santos doesn’t regret saving her Grandmother’s life, even though the cost was more than she could have guessed. The balance between good and evil has shifted and the Richter family are loose in the Lowerworld. Daire and Dace have to work to gather to bring balance and healing back. The cost could be far greater than anyone should have to pay. Their destiny is tied to a prophecy and neither want the other to loose their lives over Dace’s evil brother Cade, who’s power is increasing even as Daire and Dace’s relationship deepens. It is their very feeling for each other that strengthen Cade, for his brother is the Echo tied to him in ways neither Dace nor Daire can comprehend.

Daire gains courage and strength as she accepts her role as Seeker, she becomes confident and embraces the strangeness in her life. Dace’s character is the one who goes through the biggest change as he begins to come to terms with the circumstances of his birth. The relationship between the two goes through a predictable path and that slows things down a little. Without putting any spoilers in here I will say whilst I found things to drag a bit, the ending was definitely worth reading towards and I am curious to see where Noel takes things. I think it comes down to how you read things because the very things that slowed things down are the things that added different layers to both the town and characters.

A solid follow-up to Fated and I still say it is nice to read a YA supernatural story that is a bit different.

Publisher: MacMillan Children’s Books

Published: 22 November 2012

Format: Paperback 416 pages

Categories: Romance, Supernatural

ISBN 13: 9781447206828

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on side of the page.

Little Red

9781843651833By: Lynn & David Roberts

You think you know this story, you don’t. Not really. Little Red is a little boy taking his grandmother her weekly supply of ginger beer. There there is the greedy wolf who decided two courses would be much better than one. Little Red though, has a way to deal with that.

A fun twist on the traditional fairy tale. Red is a giving and plucky little boy. The components of the traditional tale are here but a little differently.The illustrations are stylised, sometimes dark yet somehow appealing. An entertaining story to share.

Publisher: Pavillion Children’s Books

Published: 24 March 2011

Format: Paperback 32 pages

Categories: Fairytales

ISBN 13: 9781843651833

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

A Corner of White

I received my copy of this from the publisher.
A Corner of WhiteBy : Jaclyn Moriarty

Madeleine Tully lives in Cambridge England, the World. This is a newer life for her and one she is struggling to fit in to. Adapting to this very different lifestyle is complicated by the fact her mother is very sick.

Elliot Baranski lives in Bonfire, the Farms – The Kingdom of Cello. Elliot is a favourite son on Bonfire, hero of the local ball team and popular with the girls, but he is struggling to come to terms with his father’s disappearance. These two people discover a crack between the worlds and start communicating, a very dangerous thing for Elliot to do.

Things in the Kingdom are very different to things in the world, for in the Kingdom seasons roam at will and bells warn of attacks from different colours. Is there any way these two people from very different places can help each other?

This is a lyrical story, gentle and enthralling. Moriarty has presented a world that we know and given it a touch of  the strange in the form of Madeleine’s past life which seems somehow fantastical. She has paired it with the fantastical realm of Cello, which is very unfamiliar but seems incredibly tangible for all that is fantastical about it. Madeleine and Elliot have stories that tug at you, drawing you in and they are all the more engaging because they aren’t perfect. This story has a delicate touch as it weaves it’s spell around you until the last page.

Recommended and I look forward to reading the next one.

Publisher: Pan Australia

Published: 01 October 2012

Format: Paperback 400 pages

Categories: Friendship, Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9781742611396

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Third Wheel

This book was sent to me as a review copy by the publisher.9780143307334By: Jeff Kinney

Book seven of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Somehow a wrestling/motocross school fundraiser morphs into a Valentine’s Day Dance and all the kids in middle school are now scrambling to find a date. Greg Heffley is having no luck, everything he tries fails miserably. Sure he isn’t the only one without a date but when the other person without a date is Rowley that’s not much consolation. Then something happens and Greg gets a partner for the dance even though Rowley is also tagging along. A lot of things can happen in one night though and love doesn’t always go the way you plan it.

This is probably my favourite of the Wimpy Kid series. Greg feels like a more rounded character this time around even though he is still wimpy, clumsy and somewhat unlucky. There are still plenty of cringe worthy moments, especially involving his mother and I’m sure a lot of kids reach an age where they feel that way about their parents.

This is an easy book to read, continuing the format that has made it so popular with readers – avid and reluctant alike. Mostly though it is entertaining fun. A great addition to the series, injecting something back in that felt lacking from Cabin Fever.

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 14 November 2012

Format: Paperback 228 pages

Categories: Humour, School Stories

ISBN 13: 9780143307334

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

The Magical Life of Mr Penny

9781877467899By: Leo Timmers

Mr Penny loves to paint. In fact he is quite a good artist. His pictures look very life like. no-one wants to buy his paintings though and he is very hungry. One day a man comes along who says he can make Mr Penny’s pictures come to life. Mr Penny can eat and his dreams can now come true, but sometimes that is not the best thing.

A thoughtful and enjoyable story about dreams and abilities and how you use what gifts you are given. If you don’t want to  look deeper then just enjoy the story and the bold and quirky illustrations.

Publisher: Gecko Press

Published: 03 August 2012

Format: Paperback 40 pages

Categories: Creativity, Dreams

ISBN 13: 9781877467899

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page.

A Hare, A Hound & Shy Mousey Brown

9781921541384By: Julia Hubery & Jonathan Bentley

Mousey Brown is shy. He watches the wonderful Hare as she dances for joy. He wishes he were brave enough to say hello. He watches as she gets close to the Hound, he knows the Hound is mean and tricky and dangerous. Will Shy Mousey Brown get up the courage to save his beloved Hare?

A truly delightful story of difference, courage and how love can conquer any thing. The illustrations are simple, plainly coloured and somehow incredibly expressive. The text, simple, rhyming and captivating.

A great book to share.

Publisher: Little Hare

Published: 01 October 2012

Format: Hardback

Categories: Animal Stories, Courage

ISBN 13: 9781921541384

Purchase: here or use Booktopia link on the side of the page

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