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So I finally got around to watching Hugo, the screen adaptation of Brian Selznick’s book The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

There were a lot of mixed reviews about this, from people I know that is, I don’t tend to pay much attention to professional reviews, there has been many a ‘brilliant’ film that I’ve watched then sat afterwards shaking my head at. Moving on though.


I really quite liked it. I thought the young actors were great, visually it was stunning and it is really hard to go past a film that has a supporting cast of Ben Kingley and Christopher Lee.

Was it a perfect film? No, to be honest I was somewhat annoyed by the Station Inspector (I’m not a huge Sascha Baron Cohen fan at the best of times). I found him annoying and in fact a few of his scenes we fast forwarded through. The little side stories were mostly cute but there was a part of me that really was frustrated by them and felt they drew away from the main story. I guess I can understand why they made the Station Inspector a bigger role than it was in the book but he bugged me, I didn’t need the extra scenes to feel the tension at the end.

The core story though was great and it was told well. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course it helps that the source material was so rich and so very visual.

It is a magical story, a homage to film and a great journey.

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