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The Secret of the Sphinx

The Pirate Cats are at it again. This time it appears they have gone back in time to Ancient Egypt, their goal is to change the face of the Great Sphinx to a cats face. They infiltrate a temple and trick their way into the Pharaoh’s court. Is it possible they will manage to achieve their plan. It is up to Geronimo and his friends to uncover their plot and unmask the pirate cats before this happens.

Publisher: Papercutz

Published: 11 September 2009

Format: Hardback 56 pages

ISBN 13: 9781597071598

The Coliseum Con

This time the Pirate Cats head to Rome and put into action a plan to change the name of the great Coliseum to Catardonius in order that the cat lineage becomes famous. Can Geronimo and his friends stop the cat’s plot and their influence on the Emperor so history isn’t changed.

Publisher: Papercutz

Published: 25 December 2009

Format: Hardback 56 pages

ISBN 13: 9781597071727

Follow the Trail of Marco Polo

Khanbalik is the capital of Ancient China and 1292 is the year the Piracte Cats have travelled back to. This time around their scheme involves tracking down the famous explorer Marco Polo. They have plans to steal his journal and take credit for his discoveries. It is up to Geronimo and his associates to prevent this evil plan.

Publisher: Papercutz

Published: 05 May 2010

Format: Hardback 56 pages

ISBN 13: 9781597071888

The Great Ice Age

The Pirate Cats are aiming for Paris, France this time around but they overshoot and end up in the Ice Age. A little quick thinking and the cats decide that if they capture a mammoth and take it back to the future, they will finally make their fortune. As always they don’t think about how this will effect others and it is up to Geronimo and his friends to make sure their scheme doesn’t succeed.

Publisher: Papercutz

Published: 29 July 2010

Format: Hardback 56 pages

ISBN 13: 9781597072021

Who Stole the Mona Lisa?

The year is 1517, it is the middle of the Renaissance. The Pirate Cats have come back to this time in France in order to steal Leonardo’s painting of the Mona Lisa. Also they hope to translate a secret code, thinking it will lead them to treasure. This time they have put in to action a plan that may prevent Geronimo and his friends from ever foiling their time travel plans again.

Publisher: Papercutz

Published: 01 February 2011

Format: Hardback 55 pages

ISBN 13: 9781597072212

Dinosaurs in Action

Last time the Pirate Cats tried to stop Geronimo from interfering with their plans, it didn’t work. It did, however provide them a useful piece of information and that is that Professor von Volt is the one who has made it possible for Geronimo and his friends to travel through time. So this time around the Pirate Cats go after the professor and send him 140 million years into the past, to a time when the earth was ruled by the dinosaurs. How are Geronimo and his friends going to save Professor von Volt and stop the Pirate Cats?

Publisher: Papercutz

Published: 22 February 2011

Format: Hardback 56 pages

ISBN 13: 9781597072397

This is a fun series of graphic novels great for Geronimo fans and those who don’t like to read. They are set in a vast array of historical settings and as with the novels historical facts are dotted throughout the story. The adventure aspect is fun, the pace quick. An easy and enjoyable way to get some reluctant readers reading and perhaps a little learning will sink in.

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