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Birth of A Killer

By: Darren Shan

Larten Crepsley Saga bk 1

Larten Crepsley is one child of many forced to work in the silk factory to earn a small amount of money but at least he gets to work with Var. That is until their foreman kills Var as a warning to the other kids. This devastating turn of events and its immediate consequences, causes Larten to flee his home. On the run he meets Seba Nile, who tells him of vampires and offers Larten the opportunity to become his assistant. If Larten agrees it means turning his back on humanity forever, but what does he have to lose when it feels as though humanity has already turned its back on him?

This is a prequel to the popular Cirque Du Freak books. The world Shan has created is dark. As Larten struggles to embrace his choices you are compelled to continue on the journey with him down this dark path. The story covers a lot of years for such a slim volume but this ensures the key points are what is touched on and that the pace remains brisk so you don’t lose interest. The different sections have their own intriguing plots points. I found Larten’s introduction to the Cirque Du Freaks darkly fascinating.

I picked this book up with the understanding that I should at least try a Darren Shan novel so I knew what I was talking about and found myself swept into a tale I rather surprisingly enjoyed. I can certainly see the appeal in Shan’s storytelling. Worth a look if you want something that will skirt you along the darker places. It’s language and style puts this in the upper end of middle grade fiction, horror in basic genre but so far as I have read not too graphic to make it inappropriate.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Published: 01 April 2011

Format: Paperback 256 pages

Categories: Horror, Vampire

ISBN 13: 9780732291105

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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