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Skoz the Dog All at Sea

By: Andrew Daddo

Illustrated By: Judith Rossell

Skoz is no ordinary dog. Skoz is a dog with a problem, a sleepwalking problem. This time when Skoz wakes he is in a small boat out to sea. At first it looks like he has one problem to figure out, a big one, how to get home. Soon he discovers another, scarier, problem – the shark.

Skoz is a dog who finds himself in silly situations and through sheer effort and more than a little luck, he is able to get out of them. There are plenty of illustrations to break up the text so it doesn’t appear a daunting read for those just starting on chapter books . If you have a child that likes dogs and a bit of silliness then maybe have a look at these.

Publisher: ABC Books

Published: 01 March 2010

Format: Paperback 80 pages

Categories: Animal Stories

ISBN 13: 9780733327797

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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