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The Boy and the Toy

By: Sonya Hartnett

Illustrated by: Lucia Masciullo

Boy’s father was an inventor who invented a toy to keep his son company whilst he was away. At first everything with the toy was great. Boy had wonderful time with it, they ran and jumped, played and danced. They have so much fun together. But one day the toy starts acting a little strange and the boy begins to wonder if it really is the best toy ever.

This is a cute little story. The text is fun and enjoyable to read. The story is well paced, Mascuilo’s illustrations are detailed and wonderfully complement the text. The colours are more muted than some books and this suits the story perfectly. Worth a look, if you like storybooks where the story is the appeal.

Publisher: Viking Australia

Published: 03 May 2010

Format: Hardback 36 pages

Categories: Fun, Toys, Friendship,

ISBN 13: 9780670073627

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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