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Operation Red Jericho

By: Joshua Mowll

The Guild Trilogy book 1

Doug and Becca MacKenzie find themselves on board The Expedient, a research vessel that is more than what it seems. They are there under the care of their uncle, the ships captain. Becca and Doug are desperate for any news on their missing parents but no-one seems interested in helping them. The siblings have a bad habit of not doing what they have been told and this gets them into loads of trouble. Before long they realise there is more going on than they could ever have guessed at. As they pursue their own leads into their parents whereabouts they find themselves pulled into a situation that could cost them their lives.

One of the most intriguing things about this book is it’s format. It is presented as an account of events that occurred in the 1920’s – the details having come to light nearly a century later and put forward for publishing by a descendent. To further this idea the book contains sketches from Doug’s sketchbooks and entries from Becca’s diaries. It also contains very detailed fold out supplements.

The story is somewhat interesting but unfortunately Doug and Becca are kind of irritating. If they weren’t there may not be the impetus to keep the story moving forward but still I found I didn’t much care for them and it’s hard to enjoy the book if you don’t care for the characters. I will say though that that is a very personal observation and others may enjoy their constant rebellion. If you are looking for something rather different to read or are looking for something filled with adventure and touched in history then this is certainly worth a look. There is plenty of action, payers of plots and loads of bad guys.

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

Published: 05 September 2005

Format: Hardback 288 pages (Also available paperback this hardback ed is a nice presentation though)

Categories: Adventure

ISBN 13: 9781844286256

Purchase: here or use Booktopia logo on side of page

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