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Book Club – Book Giveaway

I am in the fortunate position to have my hands on a spare copy of the second Heroes of Olympus book – Son of Neptune.

It’s real easy to win this comp, just leave a comment about why you loved the Percy Jackson books and someone will be selected at random.

And just in case you forgot or didn’t know – Percy is in this book. Yay!

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  1. Vance Mac said:

    As a fan of contemporary fantasy, mythology and young adult fiction the Percy Jackson series and Rick Riordan’s other works hit the spot. I particularly like the more modern parallels with ancient Greek myths.
    Percy is engaging and developing into a powerful hero but doesn’t let it go to his head as I have seen in some other author’s works. It is easy to root for him as he struggles through multiple set back.
    In the new series we see the introduction of Jason, Percy’s counterpart from the Roman Pantheon. Jason is a more experienced hero who has had longer to mature into his powers so there is a more ass kicking straight up.
    Jason comes from a much tougher sounding school and I look forward to seeing how Percy copes when he is thrown into the Roman school. I also look forward to further examination of the differences between what are essentially the same gods and demi gods.
    For those that haven’t read them yet the Kane Chronicles also by Rick Riordan are as good if not better than the Percy Jackson books. Egyptian mythology if full of some pretty whacky goings on.

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