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So have you done any thinking about what you would need on a road trip? Me? I think there are two things that are essential; good company and a good soundtrack. Of course along the way you will need to fill up on plenty of junk food an drinks  but that really goes without saying. A plan on the other hand is something that will work or not, it’s up to you and the circumstances. How nice would it be to be able to pack up and just drive off into the where ever, no plan and no cares.

In Amy & Roger’s case the company was thrust on them. Fortunately they found a way to make it work. They each had their own agendas but were able to incorporate both in the trip. A road trip would be a total shocker if one person made all the choices. The theme here, strangers by need or accident on a road trip together, is a theme that has been used effectively in quite a few road trip stories. Can you think of any films or books that use this. And no I’m not feeding you the answers right now.

Now onto my other essential ingredient. Music. Music is a vital component of any road trip. Roger provides an eclectic and fun soundtrack. If some of them aren’t familiar then it’s no surprise it really is an eclectic list. Don’t believe me, check song list 5. On this one list you will find – Elton John, Erasure, The Dandy Warhols and Muse. Muse would certainly make my travel playlist. Other bands that would make the cut include Within Temptation and Nickelback. Hmmm, maybe I should leave it there but then it is no secret that the actree in me likes showtunes and that’s all I will say. Obviously though the random function on an MP3 player is a really great function. Are there any bands or songs you would have to have on playing on your road trip?

Finally there is of course one problem when it comes to contemplating a road trip – money. Driving on a whim simply isn’t cheap. So if money wasn’t an issue then would you take part of you summer and head off on a road trip? If so where would you go? Somewhere familiar, would you stay in relative luxury? Or would you be more adventurous and willing to try something a little out of the box?

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