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By: Thea Stilton

Thea Stilton is invited to teach a class on adventure journalism at her old school – Mouseford Academy. She is very excited. As soon as she arrives she is introduced to five amazing students; Nicky, Colette, Pamela, Paulina and Violet. Not long after getting reacquainted with her old school another student disappears. He is not the thing missing either. With such strange things going on someone has to step in and solve the mystery. It’s a good thing the Thea sisters have a nose for finding clues and quick minds to help them put the puzzle pieces together.

This is the first of the Thea Stilton books. The format is the same as the Geronimo Stilton books – wonderful illustrations and colourful formatting, though it is slightly longer than the books in the original series. This series is about five students from various corners of the globe who become close friends. They have very distinctive personalities and bounce nicely off each other. If you are looking for something for an avid younger reader – or a way to keep a learning reader visually interested (though they are rather text heavy so probably best to read with the child), then these books are a good choice. It is an added bonus that they are fun little mystery stories.

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 01 April 2009

Format: Hardback 158 pages

Categories: Adventure Crime

ISBN 13: 9780606002318

Purchase: here or use link on side of page to Booktopia

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