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By: Maurice Sendak

Max is a naughty little boy and is sent to bed without any dinner. In his room things start to change, a forest grows and a boat appears to take him to the land where the Wild Things are. Max becomes king of the Wild Things and does many wild things with them. Before long though, he realises there are things from back home that he misses.

This book was the winner of the Caldecott Medal for Most Distinguished Book in 1964 and it has been acknowledged as a children’s classic, recent having been made into a film.

The story is one of wonder and imagination coloured with tones of love and loneliness. The stylised illustrations make the book and it’s characters instantly recognisable and perhaps it’s simplicity is one of the reasons for it’s longevity.

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Format: Hardback 32 pages

Categories: Fiction, Classics, Adventure, Family

ISBN 13: 9780060254926

Purchase: here, or use logo on side of page to go to Booktopia

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