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Text Prize 2011

The Text Prize 2011 has been awarded to Myke Bartlett, for his adventure novel The Relic, in which mythological creatures invade suburban Perth and threaten the world.

The Text Prize is an award for unpublished Young Adult and Children’s writing and  is run every year, details can be found on Text Publishing‘s website.

Myke was born in Perth and is now based in Melbourne. He first began his writing career online, publishing several highly successful podcasted novels. His prize-winning novel will be published in August 2012.

From his Melbourne home, Bartlett confessed, ‘I actually wrote The Relic specifically for the Text Prize.

‘A poster advertising the prize has been stuck on the wall above my desk for the past 12 months and I really can’t imagine better motivation for a first time novelist. That The Relic has now actually won the competition seems just a little bit incredible.’

Michael Heyward, publisher at Text,  had this to say about The Relic, ‘Set in and around Perth, (it) is a fantasy novel that will make its readers smile but may also scare them under the bed. At its heart is a quest to find the secret that will save the planet. Myke Bartlett has assembled a great cast of characters to tell his adventurous tale. We can’t wait to publish (it).’

A big congratulations to Myke Bartlett.

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