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The Magician

By: Michael Scott

Nicholas and Perenelle are dying, without the Codex they cannot make the elixir that has kept them alive so long, and that is not the worst news. Perenelle is being held prisoner on Alcatraz by Dr John Dee and his dark masters and they have the Codex, most of it.

Twins Sophie and Josh have found themselves pulled into the middle of a battle for the world that they never knew was going on. With auras of pure silver and gold they may be the twins of prophecy which makes them key in the upcoming events. Sophie’s power has been awakened and her training has been started, Nicholas hopes to find someone to awaken Josh so the twins can both be trained in all the elemental magics. He believes they are the world’s only hope. The differences between where Sophie is and where Josh is are starting to show. Nicholas is not without his allies, including the formidable Scathach and Joan of Arc, while their enemy John Dee does not face them alone as Machiavelli is on his side. Then there is Perenelle, she may appear to be trapped and out of contention but she has her ways and the world is running out of time.

Dashing over continents Michael Scott masterfully eaves the modern world with mythological beings and historical figures into one tight story. He has set a tight timeline and moves from strand to strand with no feeling of disjointedness in the reading process. The the action is fairly full on so that when you finish each book you need to remind yourself so little time has passed.

The tension between the twins is great, it ebbs and flows. As they are drawn together and pulled apart it is interesting to watch their relationship develop. I like that the characters (not just Sophie and Josh) are layered, they are pulled in different directions, flawed and therefore interesting even though there are times you wouldn’t mind slapping them upside the head. I love the historical characters that are part of the story, it is fun knowing and adding to what you know of them historically and then seeing how Scott threads them into modern society. It perhaps should feel strange but it doesn’t. Scott has created a story that is captivating and keeps me wanting to read.

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Published: 28 April 2009

Format: Paperback 464 pages

Categories: Adventure Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9780385737289

Purchase: here or click on Booktopia logo on side of page

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