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Eight Keys

This title is not due for release until October and I received my copy from Penguin Books
By: Suzanne LaFleur

Elise is eleven and has just started middle school and as far as she is concerned it’s horrible. She doesn’t want to be there. She has been assigned a locker-buddy who is mean, teases her, laughs at her and squashes her lunch every day. Her best friend Franklin is only making things worse, he doesn’t dee the need to change to fit in. The one day, while out in the barn, she finds a key with her name on it. She sets out to find what the key opens. She doesn’t know what she is hoping for, perhaps some clues to her past or even some help for the future. What she does find is a room and a note. Opening that door is the first step on a remarkable journey of self discovery.

Eight Keys is an incredibly wonderful story of growing up, discovering who you are and where you came from. Elise lives in a loving family but both her parents are gone, she loves with her Aunt and Uncle. She has a best friend and enjoys life, that is until she starts middle school and starts to feel pressure to leave the childish things of her past behind and grow up. Elise is a wonderfully and carefully written character. She doesn’t always do the right or nice thing, but learning that and setting her wrongs right is all part of this journey she goes on as she learns about her parents and begins to understand and apply the lessons her father left for her. LaFleur has crafted a beautifully moving story about growing up and choosing your life, it is a story to touch your heart. You feel with Elise as she experiences these things and like her you can take away something from the notes her Father left behind. Every one can take away something from the eight keys: Question; Believe; Choose to live, choose to love; Know what you come from; Seek to learn, understand those you love; Treasure your life; Decide for yourself. This is a book I can’t wait to share with my daughters when they are old enough. Recommended reading.

Publisher: Penguin UK


Format:Paperback, 272 pages

Categories: School, Life, Growing Up, Friendship, Family


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