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By: Cat Patrick

London Lane may look like your normal messed up teenager but she hides a bigger secret than most. She can see her future but has no memory of the past. She leaves herself notes for what she needs to wear and things she needs to know or remember for the coming day. Every night her mind resets and what she has just lived through vanishes. She has learnt to cope, with the help of her Mother and her best friend is the only other person who knows about it. Then a boy comes into the picture. He is someone she doesn’t remember from her past or see in her future. Something makes him different, does their relationship stand a chance when London is hiding so much. Then again she isn’t the only one with secrets, there are things her Mother is keeping from her and what is the meaning of the dark dream that keeps recurring?

Cat Patrick has masterfully woven a story that could so easily have become very confusing but it doesn’t. Hope and frustration seep from the pages. Luke is a great balance and anchor for London, her story is made possible by his presence. The characters are real and flawed, while moving through those rough edges and uncertainties you find yourself drawn to them and their story. The supporting characters and bit players help create a real environment in which to encase the difficulty that London finds herself dealing with. This is an engaging read with the ability to pull you into the story and into the realm of ‘what if?’

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Published: 01 June 2011

Format: Paperback

Categories: General

ISBN 13: 9781921690624

Purchase: here or click on logo at side of the page for Booktopia

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