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By: Timothy Knapman and Adam Stower

Every night Mungo gets his mum to read his favourite book two or even five times. It’s called ‘The Seafaring Adventures of Captain Horatio Fleet’. It’s a swashbuckling tale of bad shanty singing pirates, adventure and a fearless hero. One night though an exhausted Captain Fleet cannot be found and it is up to Mungo to rescue Admiral Mainbrace and plucky cabin girl Nora.

This is a ripping yarn with just what you look for in pirate books – bad pirates, daring rescues and plenty of treasure. The text is fun in both context and display and the illustrations wonderfully capture the feel of a little boys bedtime adventure. A funny and delightful read.

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 07 September 2006

Format: Paperback 32 pages

Categories: Storybooks

ISBN 13: 9780140569742

Purchase: here or use logo on side of the page to link to Booktopia

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