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Magic Steps

By: Tamora Pierce

The Circle Opens bk 1

Sandry can weave magic like it is thread, a unique and awe inspiring skill. For now she has left the Winding Circle and her teacher Lark to look after her uncle, Duke Vedris of Emelan, who has been really ill. Things do not stay as calm as Sandry would like when a mysterious murder is committed in the city. Added to this she finds a young, untrained boy (Pasco) dancing complex magic with no idea of what he is actually doing. Before she knows it Sandry finds herself charged with teaching Pasco, who isn’t interested in learning magic unless it is something that can be used by the Provost’s Guard, the profession his family are in and expect him to join as well. For them dancing is a waste of time.

The murders escalate and it becomes obvious that serious magic is being used in the execution of these crimes and Sandry can’t walk away from what she knows, especially when she knows she can help. She has her work cut out for her; an uncle that won’t slow down even though his health isn’t the best, a reluctant young mage to teach and murderers to catch.

Sandry is a determined young woman, not content to sit back and watch. She takes her responsibilities seriously, looks out for others and won’t be pushed aside when people think she should be protected because she is a girl. She is respected because she has earn’t that respect. There are many wonderfully strong and well crafted characters around Sandry. As always Pierce has created a world that lives and breathes, environment and characters woven beautifully together.

As a little foot note you don’t have to have read The Circle of Magic Quartet to enjoy this book. It also is quite suitable for slightly younger readers (10+)


Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 15 November 2006

Format: Paperback 264 pages

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9780590396059

Purchase: here

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