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White Cat

By: Holly Black

Cassel Sharpe comes from a family of curse-workers, those who have the ability to change your emotions, memories, luck and life just by the merest tough. Cassel is an outsider in his own family, he has no magic, this makes him the straight kid in a criminal family for curse-work is illegal. He tries to live a normal life but fitting in at school isn’t so easy.

Cassel has started having strange dreams about a white cat, and he has started sleepwalking. He is also beginning to believe his brothers are keeping secrets from him and that other things are not what they seem to be. It’s as if he is living some elaborate con-game that he doesn’t understand. In order to get to the bottom of this he has to unravel his very confusing memories, face the fact that he killed his best friend and out con the other con-men, all while fighting for his place in school and keeping his bookmaking business thriving.

This is a dark and twisted thriller. A well crafted story, weaving together strands of fantasy, magic, cons, crime and romance. There are twists, turns and double-crosses abounding. This is a tightly written and thoroughly engaging read. If you like your stories dark and sophisticated, your characters intriguing and continually developing, I am sure you will love this. Black has written a masterful con. Recommended read.

Publisher: Margaret K McElderry Books

Published: 08 February 2011

Format: Paperback 310 pages

Categories: Fantasy, Family, Animal Stories Siblings

ISBN 13: 9781416963974

Purchase: here

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