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Into the Wild

By: Erin Hunter

Bk 1 of Warriors series

For generations four clans of wild cats (Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, Riverclan) have shared the forest, obeying the hunting laws laid down by their warrior ancestors. Things have changed though. The Windclan have been pushed out of their hunting grounds and Shadowclan is demanding hunting rights in other clans territories, or else. The Thunderclan is in great danger. The Starclan have sent a warning to them saying ‘Fire alone can save (the) clan’.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, at a time when noble warriors are dying (some more mysteriously than others) along comes an ordinary house cat named Rusty. Rusty wants something more and begins his training with the Thunderclan under the watchful eye of leader Bluestar and the suspicious gaze of Tigerclaw. There is more going on than first appears, will Firepaw (Rusty) find his place and uncover the betrayals before it is too late?

An animal adventure story filled with action. It is a well crafted tale of friendship, growth, trust and betrayal. Firepaw is an engaging character, his interactions and learning processes wonderfully relatable. Each cat has it’s own personality, be it good or bad and they make you believe this society exists. You never forget the characters are cats but it never seems ridiculous or disorienting. The society Hunter has created is both real and fantastical. You don’t need to be a cat lover to be drawn into this series, though you may never look at cats in quite the same way again.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc

Published: 01 January 2004

Format: Paperback 288 pages

Categories: Adventure, Animal Stories, Pets

ISBN 13: 9780060525507 

Purchase: here

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