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By: Robert San Souci

Illustrated By: Rebecca Walsh

Princess Rosamond is not a typical princess. She isn’t interested in fancy clothes or looking good, she would much prefer to spend her time with a good book. She also keep busy balancing the royal accounts and makes sure the drawbridge stays in working order. Then her father gets remarried and her stepmother and stepsister are only really interested in the royal treasury. They scheme to keep Rosamond out of the way.

When her father falls ill Rosamond chooses to set out in search of the one thing that might cure him – the healing waters from the well at the end of the world. Along the way Rosamond has plenty of opportunity to help or be selfish. Which path will she take and what things will happen as a result of her journey?

A wonderful fairytale-esque story. It contains a feisty heroine who uses generosity, intelligence and courage to get what she needs as opposed to servants, orders and selfishness. Walsh has painted wonderful illustrations that manage to somehow be both classic and contemporary. This is a great adventure story twisted through with a strong moral strand. It can stand as it is, providing a good example or be a springboard to discussions on attitudes. There is plenty of text which makes it a great choice for kindy/pre-primary or year one readers not quite ready for chapter books. Recommended.

Publisher: North-South Books (Nord-Sud Verlag AG)

Published: 23 September 2004

Format: Hardback 48 pages

Categories: Fiction General Self-Esteem

ISBN 13: 9781587172120

Purchase: here

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