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I seem to be on a bit of a new category roll so I thought I would finally get around to adding this one. I think it is an interesting category because it seems to me that there are so many films for kids (and adults) being made from books these days. In the last 18 or so months there has been the end to the Twilight Saga (still not all released yet though), Percy Jackson, Wimpy Kid (1 & 2) and Tomorrow When the War Began. In the works are The Hunger Games. There are still more that I have heard rumours of which may or may not lead to anything, sadly that’s how it works in the film world.

So I thought I might put together some thoughts on the films made from book source material. Some will be new and some will be old, all are likely to say the book was better. I know that’s pre-judging but I haven’t yet seen a film that was better than a book, though some have been good and some I have been able to view and like separately from my book opinions.

How do my thoughts stack up with yours?

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