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By: Tamora Pierce

Beka Cooper bk 1

Beka Cooper has wanted to be a Dog for ages, despite the fact that the Lady of the house she has been taken into abhors the idea. Her instincts are what got her family into the Lord Provost’s house in the first place though and he is proud of her. Beka is finally where she wants to be, a trainee Dog in the Lower City. It’s the toughest assignment but it’s where she was born and where she wants to be. When she is assigned to Goodwin and Tunstall (the two best Dogs in the Lower City) she couldn’t be happier.

Beka isn’t an ordinary lass though, for she can hear the voices of the unhappy dead. When she hears the rumours of a brutal killer taking the lives of the children of her city, Beka is determined to do something. She works beside and learns from the best, gets entangled in to goings on of the Rogue’s Court and follows her instincts on the trail of two sets of murderers. Beka is there to see justice is done, even if she is just a puppy.

Beka Cooper is probably one of my favourite characters from YA fiction, (if not my favourite). She is smart, stubborn and loyal. She works hard and does her best for those around her. She learns from her mistakes and takes poop from no-one. The Dogs are tough men and women, the new Rogue and his associates are smart and charming. Beka attracts all sorts to her and they work well together even when they find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Pierce has created a rough and dirty world with characters to match and it is one incredibly compelling package. I grew fond of these characters quickly and have returned to them in between new installments.

Publisher: Random House USA Inc

Published: 23 October 2007

Format: Paperback 582 pages

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9780375838163

Purchase: here

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